How to Make a Pamphlet in Microsoft Word Using a Downloadable Template

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If you’re looking for an easy and effective method of creating a pamphlet than Microsoft Word can get the job done for you with relative ease. Although Word won’t have the advanced capabilities of desktop publishing software laden with graphic design features, it’s still a great pamphlet maker, which will produce a good result for very little money.

Most people who have Windows computers will already have Word installed and are familiar with navigating in this program, but you still may not have experimented with the many free templates Microsoft offers. Follow the straightforward steps highlighted below to get started.

Steps for Creating a Pamphlet with a Template

1. Open Microsoft Word by clicking on the icon for it in your “Start” menu on the bottom left-hand corner of your computer screen. A blank document will appear on your screen.

2. Click on File in the top left-hand icon of your screen. A drill down menu will appear with “New” part-way down the list. Click on “New.”

3. Open your browser and go to Microsoft Office Online. Then click on Templates, and then search for Pamphlets. Or, you could just click on this link to the results page: Most are in the form of brochures which are pretty much interchangeable.

4. Peruse the options by clicking on the title or the image of the template itself. There are a large number of templates which include different purposes or intended audiences. Click on the template that best serves your purposes.

5. Click on “Download” located under the template you decided upon. The template will then download for you to open up and work with in Word. If you have any questions or problems, type your query into the search function.

6. From here it’s only a matter of customizing the text and tweaking the format to your specifications. Save your finished product and print it out as per the instructions and recommendations.

If you don’t want to use a template and want to create a pamphlet from scratch, see this article.