Publisher's Best Keyboard Shortcuts

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MS Publisher Shortcuts

Here is an alphabetized list of Publisher’s most useful commands, followed by their corresponding keyboard shortcut:

Add a non-breaking hyphen – CTRL+SHIFT+-

Add a non-breaking space – CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR

Add a page after the current page – CTRL+SHIFT+N

Add a shadow – CTRL+D

Add or remove hyphens – CTRL+SHIFT+H

Align left – CTRL+L

Align right – CTRL+R

Bring to front – F6

Cancel selection of a text frame or table – ESC

Center a paragraph – CTRL+E

Change text font – CTRL+SHIFT+F

Change text size – CTRL+SHIFT+P

Change text style – CTRL+SHIFT+S

Check spelling – F7

Copy formatting – CTRL+SHIFT+C

Copy selected text or objects – CTRL+C

Create a new publication – CTRL+N

Cut selected text or objects – CTRL+X

Decrease font size by 1 point – CTRL+[

Decrease kerning – CTRL+SHIFT+[

Delete a text frame or table containing text – CTRL+SHIFT+X

Delete the next word – CTRL+DELETE

Delete the previous word – CTRL+BACKSPACE

Double-space lines – CTRL+2

Find – CTRL+F

Find and replace – CTRL+H

Group or ungroup objects – CTRL+SHIFT+G

Hide or show special characters – CTRL+SHIFT+Y

Highlight all text in text box or table cell – CTRL+A

Highlight one character to the left – SHIFT+LEFT ARROW

Highlight one character to the right – SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW

Highlight next page in page navigation control – SHIFT+F5

Highlight to end of a line – SHIFT+END

Highlight to end of a paragraph – CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW

Highlight to end of a word – CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW

Highlight to start of a line – SHIFT+HOME

Highlight to start of a paragraph – CTRL+SHIFT+UP ARROW

Highlight to start of a word – CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW

Increase font size by 1 point – CTRL+]

Increase kerning – CTRL+SHIFT+]

Insert a frame break – CTRL+ENTER

Insert a tab in a table cell – CTRL+TAB

Italicize text – CTRL+I

Justify text – CTRL+J

Make text bold – CTRL+B

Make text small capitals – CTRL+SHIFT+K

Make transparent or opaque – CTRL+T

Move between background and foreground page – CTRL+M

Move between current page view and actual size view – F9

Move between menu bar and publication – ALT

Nudge down – ALT+DOWN ARROW

Nudge left – ALT+LEFT ARROW

Nudge right – ALT+RIGHT ARROW

Nudge up – ALT+UP ARROW

Open current publication – CTRL+O (letter O)

Paste text or objects – CTRL+P

Print – CTRL+P

Redo previous action – CTRL+Y

Remove line spacing before a paragraph – CTRL+0 (zero)

Resize object, keeping its center – Press and hold CTRL and drag a Resize handle

Return character formatting to current text style – CTRL+SPACEBAR

Rotate object freely – Press and hold ALT and drag a Resize handle

Rotate object in 15-degree increments –Press and hold CTRL+ALT and drag a Resize handle

Rotate object five degrees clockwise – CTRL+ALT+RIGHT ARROW

Rotate object five degrees counterclockwise – CTRL+ALT+LEFT ARROW

Save changes to a publication – CTRL+S

Show or hide boundaries and guides – CTRL+SHIFT+O (letter O)

Single-space lines – CTRL+1

Soft return – SHIFT+ENTER

Turn on or off the Snap to Guides feature – CTRL+W

Underline text – CTRL+U

Undo – CTRL+Z (up to 20 actions)

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