How to Make Valentine's Day Stationery Paper with Microsoft Word

How to Make Valentine's Day Stationery Paper with Microsoft Word
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There are a couple of ways to create stationery in Microsoft Word. You can create it with a faint picture in the background or you can create it with small graphics in the header or corners. I will show you both ways to create the Valentine’s stationery paper. Before we begin, go ahead and find a Valentine’s graphic to use. Save the graphics to your computer. It is best to get a few different sizes, from small to large.

Creating Valentine’s Stationery with a Faint Background

Let’s create the faint background Valentine’s stationery first. We will be using the large graphic for this one. Assuming you already have a new document open, go to the top of Microsoft Word and click Format -> Background -> Printed Watermark. That will open the Watermark box.

In this box, you will need to check the Picture field and then click the Select Picture button. When the box opens, locate the large Valentine’s graphic you saved. Select the graphic and click the Insert button. In the properties box, drop the scale box down and select 100 percent. Then check the Washout field. Click the Apply button to see your graphic. If you need to make it larger or smaller, change the scale size.

Once you have it the way you want it, click the OK button. That’s it – you’ve made your own Valentine’s stationery paper. Now, you can type your letter or print it and write your letter.

Making Valentine’s Stationery with Graphics

How to Create Valentines Stationary Paper in Microsoft Word - stationary

Now, I will show you how to create the Valentine’s stationery with graphics in Microsoft Word. The best way to create this stationery is by using tables and then hiding the tables before printing. This way, you can add the graphics to corners and still place the text where you want it. You can also use Valentine fonts to spice up your cards.

So, let’s start by adding a table. Insert a table and set the columns at 3 and the rows at 3. Insert your graphics in each corner if you want too or just insert them in the corners you want. Highlight the three middle cells and right click on them. When the menu drops down, click Merge Cells. Now you can type what you want in the middle column and your graphics are still in the corners.

You may have to press enter on your keyboard to move the two bottom graphics down to the bottom of the page. Once you have your Valentine’s stationery like you want it, you can hide the table. Right click in the table and select Borders and Shading. Click the Borders tab in the box that opened. Drop the color box down and select white. Click the OK button to close it. Now your table is gone. If you want to print the stationery, you can go ahead and print it.

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