How to Use Microsoft Publisher PageWizards Feature Effectively

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How to Use PageWizards’ Features

To use the PageWizards feature begin by opening Publisher. You do this by clicking “Start” on the Desktop, then clicking “Programs” to select Microsoft Publisher. This opens the “Catalog” window that allows the user the choice of creating a “Publication by Wizard” or a “Publication By Design”. It is also possible to open a “Blank” or “Existing” Publication.

Click “Publications By Wizard,” and in this window, Microsoft Publisher will produce a list of all the publications that can be created by using a “wizard.” Everything from Newsletters to Origami will have a wizard inside this section to create a new publication.

The best thing about using the Microsoft Publisher PageWizards feature is its ability to reduce the difficulty during the designing and publishing phase. The Microsoft Publisher PageWizards will reduce the frustration of creating the layout of a publication by guiding the user through the design steps. Therefore, the publication created will look exactly as the user wants it.

Another handy feature of using PageWizards during the design process is the ability to see the publication updated as new selections are made. The preview image of the final document is constantly changing with each new selection. In this way, changes can be made to the preview before the final publication is created.

For example, to make a publication using the PageWizard, double click an option in the left hand side of the “Catalog” window. We can choose “Newsletter,” and the PageWizards feature will open the templates. The right hand side of the window will show all of the “Newsletter” design templates available to make your selection.

From here, double click the design to be used and click “Start Wizard.” The window on the right is a scrollable window, so scroll down to see all. If you change your mind, click “Back” or “Exit Catalog” to stop using the Microsoft Publisher PageWizard option.

Think of the PageWizards’ features as tools that “hold your hand” to guide you while making a publication, but also allow you to have the ultimate decision on how it will look. This will truly give you the ability to create publications in less time!