How to Make Flyers with Microsoft Publisher: A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Choosing and Editing Templates

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Publisher Flyer Tutorial

Microsoft Publisher is capable of producing a quality flyer easily when you utilize the templates that are available already in this desktop publishing software. If you have Publisher , than you can make all the free printable flyers you need. Let’s get right down to the brass tacks about making your own flyers using this method. Just follow the steps below.

Selecting a Flyer Design Template

In order to choose the flyer template design you prefer, Click “File” and then “New” which will open the Catalog Window. Once this window appears, select “Flyers” from the “Wizard” menu. Peruse the options from the flyer templates menu options and choose one of the sample flyers made with Microsoft Publisher that you prefer. Then select your style preference and hit “Start Wizard.” Move your cursor to the bottom of this menu and click “Finish.” Then if you desire go to “Color Scheme” to see what suits you.

Editing Text

Now you’re ready to personalize the flyer template with your text. Hover your mouse to the box in which you want to add text. You can either type the text from scratch or Cut and Paste from a Word document you’ve already got standing by. Utilize the main menu on top to format the font size and style to your desired specifications. You can also change the text box size by manipulating your curser to the border in order for “Resize” to magically appear on the screen so that you can drag the edges to the size you like. Also, you have the option to make another text box with the text frame tool designated as “A” on your menu to the left. Do this by directing your mouse to where you want it and click and drag to make the box you desire.

Adding Photos to Your Flyer

If you want to insert images on the main menu click “Insert” then “Picture.” Select the photo you have in mind from your arsenal. Once again make the “Resize” magically appear by maneuvering your mouse to a corner of that box. Click and drag your photo to your liking.

Changing the Layout

To edit the flyer template layout simply hover the mouse over an image or text box and “Move” appears and then you use the same click and drag procedures explained above. Delete a box by clicking on it and then from the main menu click “Edit” then “Delete Object.”

Finalizing the Flyer Before You Print

Your flyer is now ready for finalization. Proofread to make sure you have no typos and have all the relevant details and contact information correct. Easy peazy. If you have any trouble, use the help menu or do a Google search to find helpful hints and trouble-shooting tips.