How to Create Flyers for Free With Microsoft Office Online Word Templates

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Need a Creative Nudge?

Free online flyer templates offered by Microsoft Office Online for Word will create free flyers for you. That sounds simple because using free word flyer templates to accomplish this desktop publishing task is just about as easy as it gets. Making flyers using this method for advertising and marketing a small or home based business is a smart choice when considering the price and the small amount of time it will take you to crank out a bunch on your printer.

This piece of paper festooned with informative text, graphics, or perhaps an appropriate picture, can announce events like open houses, sales, product and service offerings and any other function you want your targeted audience to know about. Word flyer templates can also be used to create free printable party flyers if you’re planning a large get together (like a Mitch-a-palooza for instance) that you want a bunch of people to know about.

What we’re dealing with here are free downloadable flyer templates which you will find at Microsoft Office Online. Templates have all the necessary parts for your standard leaflet available and ready for you to customize with text and sometimes pictures and graphics as well. There is no sense in trying to create a flyer from scratch when a template makes it so much easier and less time consuming because the grunt work of setting margins, borders, building boxes, and what not is already done for you.

Go directly to the flyer aisle at Microsoft Office Online. Here, you’ll encounter the categories of Event, Marketing, Real Estate, and Other for making your own flyers. Click on a category and you’ll be directed to all the offerings they have available for each. There were 57 templates available for ‘Event’ when I wrote this. Not all these templates are available for Word so you’ll have to look at the ‘Version’ which is listed next to each template. For some of the templates you’ll need Microsoft Publisher or PowerPoint which I’ll cover in another article.

After choosing the one you like best from all of these free flyer design templates template offerings, you simply download it. From there follow the instructions on how to customize your template to create a high-impact flyer. Perusing everything they have to offer is also great to see the free examples of advertising flyers which might give you some good ideas to work with.