Make Business Cards with Avery Online to Form a Lasting Impression

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High-quality business cards can be designed and printed inexpensively using Avery Design and Print Online. The Avery Site allows you to utilize a template from their large selection and then customize it with your personal information. Although inserting your personal information may seem simple enough, use extreme caution and ask a friend or associate to proofread because handing out a calling card with typos, imprecise information, or lacking every available contact mode will not bode well for your business.

As far as the design phase goes I found an article at to be very useful in doling out advice about how to stand out with an impressive calling card. But keep in mind the integral essentials when you want a work horse of a card quickly which are that it clearly expresses what you do, who you are, and how to contact you using the phone, snail mail, email, and shoe leather.

It’s a painless process because Avery has been in the card stock business for years and their online design center matches seamlessly with the paper recommendations they advise you to use for printing. You will have to register to use their service because you will be buying an Avery product in one form or another. I’ve found that they are not the type of company that harangues you with emails after you do business with them, however.

Avery will provide you with the information you need to make the choice that suits you and picking up the corresponding Avery stock is a breeze at a ubiquitous office supply store. You are also given the option to use the back of the card to insert a map or an appointment time for instance. Some consultants advise against having anything on the back blank but nonetheless you are given the choice on this design site to use it or not use it according to your preference.

Be sure to refer to my article series on creating a good business identity system which will inform and guide you toward designing and implementing a consistent brand prevalent on your logo, letterhead and business cards. Also, if you find that utilizing Avery for this desktop publishing project isn’t to your liking, then check out several other options available at A Business Card Guide: Resources for Creating Your Own Free Cards You are sure to find a worthy option there.

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