How to Create a Top-Notch Business Identity System

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Business Identity Explaniation

A business identity system is the face of your company that the public sees and should reflect the personality of your company. I hate clichés but image is everything in our society. This article series is geared toward the small business owner, or fledgling entrepreneur, looking to create a business identity system with minimal funds allocated for the task. If you own a small business and already have a business identity but are not satisfied with it, then use these resources to create a new one.

It’s a competitive world out there and first impressions are vital in establishing contact, credibility, and professionalism with the public, many of whom you will want to become customers. When it comes to the designing phase, even the smallest details like font choice are imperative. Strive for optimum readability while still reflecting the style and verve of your company.

Design your logo and then insert it on some ready-made templates that I will guide you to in order for you to customize and tweak until you have the brand that’s right for you. A business identity system is your corporate identity which manifests the corporate image you wish to convey consistently on your business’ letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. This means you have the same image which should include your business name and the nature of your products and services, all of your contact information, and the logo which may or may not include some of that information.

The same business logo should be on all these materials. Your logo should be established as the recognizable symbol of your business or services in order to create brand awareness in our competitive capitalist society. If you don’t have a logo already designed, you needn’t worry because the next article in this series will link you to another great article on how to make one. Part 2 will also provide you with the links to previous articles in which I give you detailed resources on how to make business cards, letterhead, and envelopes from templates which allow you to customize and upload your company logo.

Once you have your business identity system designed and available on your computer to muster up at anytime, it will be a breeze to transfer it onto future promotional desktop publishing materials such as flyers, brochures, or pamphlets. All those DTP materials can also be made from free online templates which I thoroughly fleshed out and pinpointed for you in a hefty series called Helpful and Free Desktop Publishing Templates. With the tools and resources I will provide in Part 2, your business identity system will form a professional, unified, and hopefully favorable impression on your circle of influence to generate commerce.

This post is part of the series: Creating a Business Identity System

A business identity system reflects the same corporate identity on your business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. In this two part series I will explain how to brand a positive business image and guide you to Web resources which allow you to design your own identity on a low budget.

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