Free Templates for Thanksgiving Decorations and Crafts

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Thanksgiving Day can be made more festive when you utilize the free printable crafts available on the Internet to adorn the table and your house for no cost at all. Why bother paying for the crafts when you can just as easily acquire them from the Web and get the kids to help you while getting all jazzed up to devour turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce on the special day devoted to counting your blessings and reaping the benefits of the supermarket’s harvest.

Holiday desktop publishing applications are free and easy. All you need is your computer, the Internet, and a printer. With the online resources I highlight in this article, you can make things like place cards, napkin rings, place mats, turkeys for the wall, and all sorts of fun table decorations. Think about making printable planners and shopping lists the week before the occasion so when you bring the kids to the store, they might be distracted from their usual behavior of begging for every sugar-laden item there is, to instead focus on crossing things off that list. Show everybody how unpretentious you are and put your guests at ease with the turkey, pilgrim, and pumpkin decorations your kids helped make.

It’s a great project to get the kids involved in. Nothing beats the unbridled joy of anticipation for the holidays which gleams in the young children’s eyes. Putting them to work at this task will allow them to enjoy the fruits of their labor and take pride in the praise. Harness that power by getting them involved in decorating the room and trick them into thinking they decided who gets to sit where. They don’t have to know the real reasons behind the disastrous results of seating Aunt Zelda nest to your ornery brother-in-law Bob. Lead them to believe that they have the unique capabilities of dealing with Uncle Bob and therefore he should sit at the kid’s table, far away from the sauce.

Begin with the cornucopia of free Thanksgiving templates for crafts obtainable at They have everything you can think of from place mats to nutty squirrels.

Another good source, especially for decorating the kid’s table and keeping them occupied with activities and games is at This is a good site to keep in mind for Christmas festivities as well.

Check out for their selection of retro and familiar-looking decorations which might bring back some memories of your own childhood; naked trees under swiftly moving and quieting grey clouds, wood smoke in the crisp air, family fun and a four day weekend teeming with possibilities.

For those of you wishing to adorn your websites, Ezines, newsletters and other Web based communications, has a huge selection of clipart available to download for free. If that selection doesn’t suit you a quick Google search for Thanksgiving Clipart will give you a whole lot more variety.

Well, there’s the treasure trove of holiday crafts available to keep the kid’s busy and your coffers full. Refer to my articles on creating both printable festive cards and E-cards to help you prepare for the holidays and Christmas inexpensively or with a clean, green conscience.