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Finding Templates Made Easy

Letter of recommendation free templates are not all that prevalent on the Web. A Google search might lead you to believe that there are but in actuality, most of the sites require you to buy a program or else they offer one rather lame template. I scoured the internet to find some decent free templates for writing a letter of recommendation (LOR) or reference letter and I’m happy to present you with the fruits of my labor. With these templates you just insert your specifics into an outline that is already laid out for you so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Moreover, much of the language that most LORs usually contain, along with detailed instructions for each section of the letter, are already on the template for you to make writing it a whole lot easier. Incidentally, if you’re looking for a reference letter template which is less specific than a LOR, these sites are also convenient.

One of the best sites for free recommendation letter templates, in my opinion, is located at It’s a busy website page but scroll down to the bottom where you will see Sample Recommendation Letters. Choose the one that best describes the individual you’re writing for. You are then taken to the letter itself and below that there is the option to download it. From there you just personalize it with the specific details about yourself, your company, and your aspirant.

Another site I recommend is at Docstoc has an abundant supply of LORs which you can preview before you download to find the one that best matches the individual you’re writing about and the type of business or industry they are in. You have to download Adobe Flash Player 9 to work with these templates but they offer a quick link to accomplish this. Then it’s just a matter of customizing it with your individual’s credentials and qualifications.

Microsoft Office Online has a decent supply of reference letters but not many LORs. But all you would have to do to convert a reference letter a LOR is cater it more specifically toward the position your individual wants. Their collection is at and they have specific categories which you may find convenient.

With these free templates, the job of writing a LOR will be a breeze. If you happened to stumble upon this article before reading the first part of this series, which gives a tutorial on how to write a good LOR, it may be a good idea to take a quick gander at that one first. Good luck and remember that it’s a privilege and an honor when someone asks you for your written testimony so do the best you can.

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