How to Create and Print a Professional-Looking Banner with Photoshop Elements

How to Create and Print a Professional-Looking Banner with Photoshop Elements
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Banners Made Easy with Photoshop Elements

One of the simplest ways to recognize a graduate, employee, or anyone else deserving recognition is with a banner displayed on at a ceremony or party. And, while handmade banners are reflective of the time and effort put into the recognition, you may be looking for a more polished and professional look. Fortunately for you, Adobe Photoshop Elements provides just the set of tools you need to create a great looking banner.

With Adobe Photoshop Elements, you can create a banner in a manner of minutes. Simply follow the steps outlined below and in no time, you will have a professional banner to honors your grads!

  • Open a new workspace in Elements by clicking on the File menu and selecting New. This opens a blank workspace. In this workspace, you are presented with a dialogue box. Update the Name field with the title of your new document. Then customize the size of your workspace by updating the width and height to reflect the desired size of the banner. In this case, we are creating a banner 24 inches wide by 6 inches tall. (See New Banner.jpg)

  • Next, select the text tool to add text to the workspace. Type the text you want to include. Make sure that the text is large enough to be seen on the banner by changing the font size. You can also customize the type of font, color and effects by selecting the appropriate tool from the toolbar. (See Banner with Text.jpg)

  • Then, you can customize the banner’s background. You can keep it simple by merely changing the color of the background. (See Banner Background.jpg)

  • Or, you can add artwork or a frame to the background. In this example, we have decided to add artwork. Select artwork from the right sidebar, choose background (to apply it to your background) and then choose the type of background from the drop down list. (See Banner Select Artwork.jpg)

  • The Elements software has a number of different frameworks from which to choose in a variety of categories to suit your needs. We have selected Special Occasions, Graduation and applied it to our banner. (See Banner with Grad Framework.jpg)

  • If you want to make the banner more creative, Elements makes it easy for you to do this by providing all of the tools you need right at your fingertips. If you are happy with the simple version, the banner is complete and should be saved so you do not lose your work. Select File, Save As to save the banner. (See Save Banner.jpg)

  • Once the banner has been saved, you can print the banner. Select File, Print to print your banner. (See Print Banner.jpg)

The steps I’ve described in this article can be used to create just about any sort of banner you may need, whether it’s for a graduation banner to help you recognize the achievement of that special grad in your life, or any other banner you may need to create. Overall, Adobe Photoshop Elements makes it very simple to create stunning projects of all kinds.


Banner with Text

Banner Background

Banner Select Framework

Banner with Grad Framework

Save Banner

Print Banner