Personalizing Thank You Notes with PowerPoint and Pictures

Personalizing Thank You Notes with PowerPoint and Pictures
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Send a Thank You Card with a Picture

I love to be able to send someone who so kindly sent me flowers a thank you note that has the picture of the flowers on the card, along with my thanks printed on top of the picture. It’s really easy to do if you have a digital camera and Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint is designed primarily for presentations, but I find it a great program to use when I want to combine pictures and text.

The first thing you need to do is to find a location for the flowers such that you can take a good photo. This means putting them in good light, against a fairly plain background. I like to take a fairly close up picture, but it is easy to crop the photo as needed.


Now transfer the photo to your PC. You should have a picture manager program on your PC. I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager which is part of the Microsoft Tools in some versions of Microsoft Office. Open the photo in your picture manager program and crop the photo as desired, then save it to disk.



Open Microsoft PowerPoint. Insert that picture into a PowerPoint slide.


Now insert a text box on top of the picture and write your words of thanks. Position the text box anywhere on the photo, and set font, font color, and font size. Once you have your photo with your text, use the ‘Save As’ command to save this PowerPoint presentation as a jpeg file.


Open this new jpeg file in the same picture manager program and crop it as needed.


You are now ready to print the picture on photo paper. There should be a print function within the picture manager program, where you can also select the paper size.


Once printed, you should now have a glossy card with a picture of the flowers along with your words of thanks for the person who sent you the flowers in the first place. I’m sure they’ll love this.