The Advantages of Using Microsoft Publisher for Your Desktop Publishing Needs

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Why Use Publisher?

The first edition of Microsoft Publisher came on the market in the 1990s. It was created specifically for use in desktop publishing. A few years later, it was updated with other features that catered to designers involved in commercial publishing. By the beginning of the new millennium, it was clear that Microsoft was shifting its Publisher software for use in a small business environment. However, it is also one of the few programs that does not have a corresponding version for use on the Apple Macintosh.

Advantages of Using It Over Other Desktop Publishing Software

In comparison to other desktop publishing programs, Microsoft Publisher is not only affordable, but it also produces professional quality documents. In 2003, Microsoft bundled Publisher directly with other applications in the Microsoft Office Suite, allowing users to have all of their favorite software within easy access.

One of the distinct advantages of using Microsoft Publisher is its easy layout features and capabilities. Some desktop publishing software can have a tendency to be complicated and difficult to understand. Microsoft Publisher has simplified the DTP process. This may be because Microsoft Publisher started off as an application to be used in homes, and was then adapted for business use. Its user-friendly features should make it a less difficult program for small business owners and their employees to use.

Microsoft Publisher’s user friendliness derives in large measure from its use of wizards. These wizards help to quickly create the document you need, while also giving your document a professional look. Therefore, it is not necessary to know how to create documents such as banners or brochures, as Microsoft Publisher’s wizards (and its multitude of templates) will guide you through the process.

With regard to the software’s newer focus on the small business environment, Microsoft Publisher is ideal for creating business stationary, or using it to make banners. Some small business owners have used it to design their company’s Web site. Not only does it offer guidance on how to create a professional looking Web site, it also makes it possible to save the Web site and upload it to the Internet.

Its price, combined with all of the DTP tasks you can accomplish, make Microsoft Publisher truly worth every penny.