Best Free Calendar Design Software: Roundup of 4 Top Free Calendar Design Programs

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What you need from free calendar design software

Whether you’re making a gift for a friend or looking to spruce up your office cubicle, calendars made from free software downloadable from the Internet is a good way to get started. Numerous downloads are available from a seemingly endless line of sites, offering a number of different options and features based on your computer abilities.

When searching for the right calendar design software for your needs, it’s important to keep the purpose of the calendar in mind. For example, if you’re looking to create a family calendar or a calendar that commemorates an event with pictures, you need software that enables you to include your own photos, write text into any given day or even create aesthetically pleasing calendar grids with watermarks and pictures within certain days or holidays. On the other hand, if you need a calendar for work, you may want to look into a printable calendar that can also be sent as a web link or pdf to your co-workers.

Many options are out there on the Internet, but here are some of the more popular calendar design software sites:

Keep and Share (3 out of 5)

This free software from enables you to create calendars customizable with different fonts and holidays. While the calendars offer god functionality, there appears to be no feature for including photos. However, the software does enable you to e-mail a link to your calendar to others so you can quickly keep people up to date with your personal and/or professional schedules.

This software is compatible with: Windows and Mac

DigiLabs (4 out of 5)

DigiLabs offers free calendar design software you can download right from The software comes with all kinds of customizable goodies such as being able to insert images within dates, translating your calendar into different languages, holiday overlays and more. However, once your calendar is complete you must order it for a price. Each calendar you print will cost $19.95 up to 25 calendars. Still, this price is fairly reasonable given the level of customization.

This software is compatible with: Windows and Mac.

SmartDraw (4 out of 5)

Free calendar design software from enables you to create and print photo calendars, three-month outlook calendars, annual calendars and more with fully interchangeable templates and full customization options, from photos to fonts. This calendar design software is particularly popular for corporate purposes, but it can be applied to personal projects such as creating personal calendars as gifts.

This software is compatible with: Windows

Calendar Home (2 out of 5)

A free, easy-to-use calendar design software is available complete with prompts from This calendar software does allow you to use your own photos, but customization options are limited.

This software is compatible with: Windows and Mac.

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