Newsletters Designed with Viewers in Mind: Visual Examples Included

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Involver Newsletter

Involver showcases a striking design, both attractive and very functional. This is great for informational newsletters sent out to members of a business. The color scheme, which is a striking blue and dark grey, offers both readability and an unquestionable amount of style. The use of both serif and sans-serif fonts in varied faces adds a creative touch to the overall feel. This newsletter also showcases a great example of how graphics can be both informational as well as attractive and eye-catching. This design is a great example of what newsletters should strive to be: a balance of both function and form.

Newsletter Ouro Preto

Informational and attractive, Newsletter Ouro Preto features a beautiful header image to draw the viewer in. The bright, gradiating color draws the eye into the presented information, and the use of the white font allows for easy reading. This newsletter showcases a fantastic place for a lot of information. While this newsletter was originally used for promoting something based on tourism, this would be easily fitting for any sort of informational newsletter as well. The picture at the top could just as easily be a company logo, the exterior of an office place, or something simple and pleasing to the eye. The only downside to this layout is that it doesn’t merit any additional photos, which would detract from the overall layout.

Newsletter (Arc Design)

Microsoft Office offers up a fantastic yet simple design for those of you who are looking for something that still looks professional without looking too overdone. A large title allows you to title your newsletter, and spaces for company or club names, section headers, and even a date and volume are included. If this is a multi-page story, you can take advantage of the side bar - though removing it for a single page newsletter is not a problem either. Because it is such a simple design, this newsletter is also fantastic for printing as it does not rely heavily on images to help get its point across. This is available for free from the Microsoft Office Download page at the link below.

Dell Quezon City SMB Tech CE Newsletter Feature

If you’re looking for a fantastic design to emulate, Dell Quezon City SMB Tech CE Newsletter Feature is definitely a great one to focus on. This showcases an extremely attractive, bright white layout which allows information to easily be read. Accents in orange and blue draw the eye through the template, and the liberal use of photos tell a story before the viewer even skims the first paragraph. This is a very engaging layout, with the only downside being that there is minimal space for extra information. This would be great for tourism newsletters, club newsletters, photography newsletters, online merchant newsletters, and more.

NAS Medical Newsletter

NSA Medical Newsletter is a fantastic example of a professional business newsletter with both design and function in mind. Whether you are looking for a newsletter to send out to clients or to members of your business, this is a shining example of both professionalism and beauty. The color scheme is light and unobtrusive, helping to highlight the information rather than to hinder or hide it. Another key point to this design is that you can see that it mimics the design of the website, which helps to create a sense of cohesiveness. This is a prime example of what businesses should strive for when deciding to create a newsletter.

Stylish Parcel Template

With a throwback to more traditional printed newsletters, Newsletter “Parcel” is designed to be printed and mailed to your subscribers. The attractive two page template features space for three headline stories so you can keep people abreast of club news, community events, or special offers your business may be having. The design incorporates enough color to make the layout interesting, but avoids using too much ink which can make printing costly. The prominent sidebar is both stylish as well as functional, and there is room for the mailing address on the back. This template is freely available to download as a Microsoft Publisher file from the link listed below.

Joey Bright Photography Spring E-Newsletter

Of course, sometimes your business can be explained better by photographs - just like the old adage says, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” right? Joey Bright Photography Spring Newsletter shows us just how effective an image-based layout can be. Here you can see the photographers work in great detail, which also can be applied to things like jewelry designs, artwork, graphic design examples, travel pictures, and more. The layout is very simple and straightforward, which allows the photographs to become the front and center of the design, which is exactly what you want when marketing something so visual.

About Me - Newsletter QR BizCards

Trying to market something but stuck on an idea for a newsletter? About Me is a great layout that allows for several images with snippets of information for each one. This means that you can either highlight a single product, such as their business card and online profile service, or a few separate products or services in their own sections. This particular color scheme is great, the contrast between the background of the newsletter and the information boxes keeps the layout interesting without making it difficult to read, and the colored text on the image helps draw the viewers’ eyes where they need to be.


Looking for something both professional and stylish? How about something that is colorful but not gaudy? Then you’re going to want to check out Microsoft Office’s Composition newsletter template. This template features an attractive asymmetrical layout designed to draw your eye through the content, designated places for images, graphics, or clip art, and an overall eye-pleasing color scheme. The one downside of this template is that it can be a little ink heavy, but still works great as a printed newsletter for small mailing lists. This is another template that is provided freely by Microsoft Office, and can be downloaded as a Microsoft Publisher file from the link below.

Creative City News Special Edition 5 – Cover Page

If you are looking to provide information and intrigue, a newsletter designed like Creative City News Special Edition 5 is exactly what you need. The color scheme is bright, bold, and helps to guide the viewers eyes through the information, section by section. The headline is attractive, and the sidebar of images provides visual interest in a newsletter that contains a lot of information. This is great for a club newsletter, travel newsletter, an e-zine page layout, or even a local events newsletter. This design is also relatively easy to emulate and can easily be expanded upon or reduced to fit the needs of the designer.


  • Information by Amber Neely, newsletters credited to their individual designers.