FedEx Kinko's Online Printing: Upload Files to Get Professional Prints

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FedEx Kinko’s Office and Print Center

Go to the FEDEX Kinko’s Office and Print Center website to upload your digital files for printing at: The site is straightforward and without unnecessary clutter or pizzazz which might distract you from the business at hand. Fedex Kinko’s can upload virtually any document type. At this site you are presented with all the means and links necessary to utilize Kinko’s online services plus a store locator and a list of in-store services. The Fedex Kinko’s partnership greatly benefits the consumer for ease of shipping while their partnership with Adobe is perfect for working with ubiquitous Portable Document Files (PDFs).

Uploading Files

Drill down from the Online Services menu to Print to FedEx Kinko’s and you are provided with explanations and the self-explanatory steps to get your files uploaded for FedEx Kinko’s to print. Register here to make reordering a snap and to keep track of your orders. After registering, the option to find the nearest Fedex Kinko’s is available. Registration can be skipped, however, if that is your preference. I found that the information tabs were very helpful. If you have a particular question or concern type ‘Print online FAQ’ into their search mechanism and a page addressing a wide array of relevant topics will appear.

After those quick and painless steps you are ready to upload files with the familiar browse option that lets you locate the files you want to upload. FedEx Kinko’s will automatically convert your files to PDFs. Any customizations you want such as bindings, finishes, and inserts can be specified. The Set Your Print Options presents you with all their paper stock options. I put together a 20 page presentation with a binding, tabs, inserts, and a glossy finish that cost roughly $20. Tabs are pricier if they have to create them so bear that in mind.

What If My File Can’t be Converted?

In the case that Fedex Kinko’s can’t convert your files to PDFs, an Additional Action Page will appear and give you the necessary steps to get your files printed. Since their conversion process is PC based, it’s most likely the Mac users who will have to contend with this Additional Action Page. But in most cases your files can still be printed after you perform the additional action proscribed (which is invariably just checking an appropriate box). There is also a window available for special instructions should you have any. Be as straight forward as possible if you do have special instructions to avoid any confusion. It would behoove you to use their proof option in this instance.


Under the same heading of Online Services, click on File, Print to Fedex Kinko’s to have the Kinko’s printers added to your list of printers. The download takes about ten minutes in all and then you have to accept a EULA. The download didn’t require a restart but I did have to close a word document before it finished. Once installed, you can use the Fedex Kinko’s printer anytime and anywhere you need to. This is an excellent tool for the business traveler.

Pickup and Ship Options

After you have completed your order you will be asked whether you want to pick it up at your local FedEx Kinko’s or have it shipped. Then you can pay for your order online but not if you made special instructions. If you gave them a simple order with no special instructions and you don’t need to proof it, you can usually pick it up within 24 hours. If special instructions were given they will request that you call the store to ascertain the price, discuss payment options, and when the order will be finished. Also, it’s a good idea to request a proof when your order is complicated or if you have a large order. Of course, you will have to visit the store to proof your order. Otherwise, there is a tracking function on their site to keep you abreast of the order‘s progress. If you chose to pick up the order, make sure it was completed as per your instructions to ensure that their human effort matched your online specifications.

I prefer Kinko’s printers because although my own printer physically sits at its post, it’s functionally elsewhere, presumably in some shadow land with missing socks and the members of the lost colony of Roanoke. Moreover, the Kinko’s printers are far more capable of producing a highly-professional end product with all the bells and whistles.