10 Free Name Badge Templates for MS Word

10 Free Name Badge Templates for MS Word
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Using These Templates

All of the templates described here were created using Word 2010 and are in .dotx format. This means that you can download them to use in Word 2007 or 2010. If you have 2003, you will need to install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack in order to use these templates.

Screenshots are provided to give you an idea of what each of these name badge templates looks like. Click on any image to enlarge it for a better view. When you find the tag template that you would like to use, click on the corresponding Download Page link at the end of the article. This will take you to a new page where you will need to click the Download button to obtain the template.

Your computer might save the template to your temporary folder by default, so be sure to save the file to a location where you can easily find it in order to use it again.

Blank Tags

Blank LandscapePerhaps you want to design your own name badge templates. If so, these blank sheets will help you get started. There are pages of blank badges in both landscape and portrait orientation, but be aware that the badges themselves are actually in the opposite direction of the page. The landscape page, shown at the right, produces eight tags that are 3.7 Blank Portraitinches high and 2.5 inches wide. There is a narrow margin between the columns to make it easier to distinguish one from another, and the badges are bordered in dotted lines to make cutting them apart easier.

Likewise, the blank portrait orientation badge template, shown left, produces eight blank name tags. These are 2.25 inches high and 3.5 inches wide, also with a narrow margin between the rows and columns of badges. You can add whatever information you want to these templates, from text boxes to WordArt to images, and print them on any color or type of paper you choose.

Photo IDs

Business PhotoIf you are creating ID badges for employees, students or club members, there are two name badge templates offered that include places to insert photos. First is the Business Name and Photo ID badge, which is simple but informative. In the left corner of each of the four IDs on a page is a rectangular frame into which you can insert an image from your computer. To the right of the frame are two WordArt objects that you can modify to show your business name. If you do not need both of them, simply click the bottom one to select it and press the Delete key. In addition, there is a text box across the bottom of each ID in which you can type details such as the person’s name, title and identification number.

Landscape Photo ID

Another more decorative option is the Red Design Photo ID. This template produces eight badges that each have a red, floral border around them. The center of the badge is a white text box into which you can type the recipient’s name, title or other information. Replace the sample portrait by right-clicking the image and selecting Change Picture. Locate the image file on your computer, network or removable media that you want to use and click Insert.

Logos, Backgrounds and More

Blue WaterThere are several other name badge templates from which you can choose. The Blue Water Design name tags have rounded corners and a deep blue background that resembles sparkling water. An opaque text box in the center allows you to type in a name or any other information you want to include on the badge. If you like the appearance of these badges but would prefer a different color, you can easily change the color of the background image to create an entirely unique look.


A simpler but no less striking design is the Name Badge With Flourish template. This black and white design features a large embellishment along the left side of each tag. On the right are three separate text boxes. The top and bottom text boxes are in a size 14 font, where you could ostensibly enter the name of your business and the person’s job title or the name of the event the wearer is attending. The center text box is formatted in a larger font so that the bearer’s name is easily seen and legible.Logo Name

Another understated yet eye-catching example, the Logo and Name Badge features a sample logo at the center of the top of each of the eight rectangular tags on the page. Replace this with the logo of your business, school or other organization by right-clicking the image and selecting Change Picture. Locate the image file on your computer, network or removable media that you want to use and click Insert. Below the logo is a text box into which you can type each person’s name.

Metallic First Name

If you are seeking something a little more sleek and modern, check out the Metallic Look Name Tags. Thanks to Word’s shape effects, these badges appear three-dimensional, Purple Hellobeveled and shiny. There is a text box in the center of each of the eight tags with sample text that you can type over.

For a little twist on the standard “Hello, My Name Is” badges, ours feature a purple border around the name section of the tag with “Hello” at the top and “My Name Is” along the bottom. In addition, you can easily change the color of these badges by simply selecting the purple area, right-clicking and going to Format Shape. You can also modify them from the Drawing Tools Format tab in Word 2007 or 2010.

Wintry Background

Finally, if you are holding a winter-related event or have a business name that fits –think Frost, Cold Springs or Winter Garden, for example– you might appreciate the last offering on our list. The Wintry Background Name Badge has a blue background with white decorations that give it a snowy appearance. Of course, you can change the color of the background image for a different air, if you choose. The badges have a text box in the center so that you can easily add names or other important information.