Download Free Garage Sale Sign Templates for Publisher and Word

Download Free Garage Sale Sign Templates for Publisher and Word
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Sign Basics

Yard Sale SignYour garage or yard sale sign does not need to be elaborate in order to be effective. In fact, you should strive to keep it simple yet appealing. Avoid making a sign that is so busy with graphics and words that someone driving past is unsure what the sign is announcing. Aim for a sign that catches the eyes of potential shoppers, whether with bright colors, a striking font or attention-grabbing text. In addition, never underestimate the power of proper spelling. If you are not 100 percent sure about how a word is spelled, look it up.

Create a sign that states clearly and simply the what, where and when of your sale. If there is a why, or a reason for your sale –such as a fundraiser for school or you are moving and must get rid of these items– including this information might be helpful as well. Shoppers might believe they can get some great deals if “everything must go,” and passersby who might not otherwise stop may change their minds when they see that the proceeds benefit a good cause.

The materials on which you print and post your sign are also important. Printing on heavy card stock is a good idea, and laminating the final product will make the signs even sturdier. Brightly colored paper works well, too, provided your sign is not already too busy.

Be conscientious when hanging your garage or yard sale signs. Check with your local government office to learn about any ordinances that might prohibit you from posting signs. Once you determine where and how you can hang them, position the signs strategically. If you use arrows on your publication, ensure that they are pointing in the right direction when you hang the sign. Affixing them to boxes weighted down with rocks will prevent them from blowing away.

Finally, remember where you posted all of your signs and then be courteous enough to remove them following the sale.

Following are several garage sale sign templates that you can download to customize and print in Word or Publisher. To download a template, click on the Download Page link in the Resources and References section at the end of the article.

Simple Signs

As stated previously, uncomplicated signs in a single color with nothing more than text and arrows are ideal when you want to attract potential customers to your garage sale.

B&W Garage Sale

This simple black and white template for Microsoft Word is in landscape orientation with a text box across the top with the words, “Garage Sale,” which you can tailor for your yard, tag or other type of sale. Another text box across the bottom of the page allows you to display the address, date, time or other information. There is a large black arrow in the center of the page as well. You can change the direction of this arrow by clicking on it and turning it with the green rotation handle at the top.

Red Garage Sale

Similarly, this unassuming template for MS Publisher features text and an arrow. This sign is in portrait orientation in a red and white color scheme. The words “Yard Sale” are in a text box at the top of the page and there is a text box at the bottom for details. The arrow is a clipart image, so you can rotate, recolor or otherwise modify it to suit your needs.

Colorful Signs

BalloonsWhile not overly decorated, these templates produce signs with a little more color and attractive images. The first option is a Microsoft Publisher template. This design features colorful helium balloons in the background with the words “Garage Sale” standing out in front. A ribbon banner in a coordinating blue holds your details, such as the location and time of your sale. The words across the balloon are part of the image and therefore not changeable, but you can modify the text in the blue banner by selecting the text and typing over it.


Finally, this Word template features a simple arrow containing text. However, the arrow has been formatted so that it looks angled and three-dimensional. To change the text on the arrow, selecting the text and typing over it. You can rotate the shape using the Rotate option in the Arrange group of the Drawing Tools Format tab in Word 2007 or 2010. You can also use the rotation handle to turn the arrow.

What type of yard or garage sale sign do you prefer? Do you have any garage sale success tips? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the Comments section below!

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