Ad Campaign Designs: New Ideas To Rev Up Your Marketing

Ad Campaign Designs: New Ideas To Rev Up Your Marketing
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Using Ad Campaigns

When it comes to marketing the goods and services of a business, ad campaigns are perfect, because the use of such marketing can lead to audience familiarity and recognition. An ad campaign is a succession of related and coordinated advertisements in various forms, but with only one theme or idea.

The designs of these ad campaigns are dime-a-dozen, since the practice has existed ever since the dawn of marketing and advertising. This is why fresh ideas for these campaigns are required to make sure that a business does not merely introduce a product or a service to its target market, but also uses a unique method in doing so. As a result, a company or brand will be able to generate more interest and drive the sales higher in order to make a great profit. If you are looking for fresh and creative ideas that can help generate better outcomes for your business, then be ready to walk through the proposed schemes outlined here.

Thinking and Staying Out of the Box

In order to come up with new design ideas for your ad campaign, it would be best to stay away from design templates that you can see in modern advertising or even those that have become a cliche in the world of advertising. If you want to catch the undivided attention of your target audience, you should be prepared to take a risk in venturing out with new design elements.

For instance, instead of following the latest craze in campaign designs such as using sexy models or highlighting bars and clubs as settings for beer brands, perhaps you could be more unique by capitalizing on the role of your product in the aspect of friendship. In your print ads, you can show images of groups of friends just hanging out at home by the pool while drinking beer or even of couples watching TV and cuddling on the sofa with chips and beer.

You can have TV commercials that exhibit how friends simply love having beer while enjoying one another’s company. These video clips could show stories like getting together to cheer up friends or surprise them on their birthday. Besides, an ad campaign design idea that has received wide success but has already been copied by other campaigns can just as easily be forgotten. It is only a matter of time before people get tired of them. Start fresh and start new, and that’s how you’ll be able to think and stay out of the box with your ad campaigns.

Going Beyond the Classic Vision

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With the first tip already steering you away from “boxed” ad campaign ideas in abstract form, this next tip would literally try to help you go beyond the ad campaign that you have envisioned. No need to limit yourself within the confines of a billboard or a poster, for you can always do something more by using the space surrounding it.

A good example of this would be a billboard filled with the visual elements that you are already familiar with and yet has the addition of a figure of a man below the actual billboard, using a paint roller to complete painting the entire board.

Have you also encountered a poster for a headache medicine wherein the image of a head is split into two because the poster was placed in between two perpendicular walls? This is yet another one-of-a-kind ad which is sure to have people doing a double-take!

Another example is the use of postcards and print ads that promote slimming spas and fitness gyms, wherein a topless man is standing in side view with his large belly hanging out. The part of the belly can be folded or torn due to a perforated line. Such an advertisement is quite impactful and has a very clear message too. Furthermore, you can also have pop-up elements in magazine print ads. These are very unique and innovative ideas that will surely capture the attention of people passing by or browsing through and make them more memorable.

When you have an ad campaign going on for some time, such ideas repeated with the use of various media will certainly be very effective in boosting your sales. This is why you can use your imagination in order to convey a message. Be sure not to be restricted to the boundaries or edges of a box-type print ad, whether square or rectangular.

Inviting Audience Interaction

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Nowadays, ads that invite audience interaction are certainly more effective because people are said to remember more when they act on something or when they experience something. To do this, you need to make typical materials into unique tools that can really surprise and amaze their recipients. For posters, business cards, or invitations, you can use pullouts in order to reveal a message. Urge your audience to do something first before you supply the information. This way, they will be too intrigued with what you have and will not think about ignoring what the ad has to offer.

You can also try to keep them amazed with an information pamphlet which has an interesting activity or worksheet for them to check out. For example, if you are endorsing an insurance product, perhaps you can have a simple quiz that they can answer which will test their financial management level or which will give them an idea on how much retirement fund they would need in the future.

Indeed you can discover and try out plenty of ad campaign designs. New ideas should easily jump out at you once you rev up the engine of your imagination. What’s important is that you maintain one theme and have just one idea or message for the different kinds of ads included in your overall ad campaign. You can even mix and match these ideas for as long as the designs are linked together and are suitable for your business.


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