Free Newspaper Display Ad Design Templates for Publisher and Word

Free Newspaper Display Ad Design Templates for Publisher and Word
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Using a Template

The following templates will help you design display ads to include in your newspaper, newsletter or similar publication. Each is a full page ad that you can modify or resize as needed. The templates are divided by type: Publisher templates are compatible with MS Publisher 2003, 2007 and 2010, while Word templates work with Word 2007 or 2010 as well as Word 2003, provided the Office Compatibility Pack is installed on your computer.

To view a larger version of any of the images shown, click on the corresponding picture. To download any template, click on the Download Page link in the References and Resources section at the end of the article. On the download page, click the Download button to save the file to your computer and open it in Microsoft Word or Publisher.

Publisher Ads

New or used automotive dealerships appreciate the opportunity to post an advertisement in which they can include images of cars that are currently for sale on the lot. The Auto Dealer Display Ad template has a built-in table so you can easily insert photos along with text, separating the details for each vehicle perfectly. Enter information about current specials at the top of the ad and contact information in the bottom section.

Display Ad With Coupon

Consumers love coupons and retailers love consumers, so you should have no problem finding advertisers who want to use the Display Ad With Coupon. The ad is actually a coupon in and of itself, with a dotted border for easy clipping. Replace the sample image with the customer’s own logo by right-clicking the graphic, choosing Change Picture and navigating to the image you want to use. If the logo does not include the business’s name, change the text of the sample WordArt object to display the business name instead.

Special Sale Display Ad

Another option retailers value is the ability to announce current or upcoming specials. The Special Sale Display Ad includes a WordArt object over the sample graphic that you can customize with the name of the sale. You can also remove this text and use the advertisement as a standard business display ad.

Real Estate Display Ad

While you can certainly make any of these advertisements full-color, one type of advertiser who might request a color ad is a realtor. The Real Estate Display Ad was created in color, saving you from having to make that change. The ad contains four sample images that you can replace using the advertiser’s own graphics, and sample text in the center of the page makes it easy to determine the information to include. Change the graphics to black and white if you prefer.

Word Templates

Microsoft Word might not have all of the powerful DTP tools of Publisher, but you can still create an impressive newspaper display ad using this program. This is especially true when templates make light work of the task for you.

Business Services Ad

For instance, the Business Services Ad template is not overly complicated, yet the design is both eye-catching and informative. Separate text boxes are properly formatted for details such as the name of the business, types of services offered and contact information. All that you need to do is replace that sample text with the advertiser’s details.

Childcare Display Ad

While the Childcare Display Ad is designed to advertise a preschool, daycare or in-home babysitting service, you are by no means limited to using it for solely that type of business. Simply replace the background image by right-clicking the graphic, choosing Change Picture and navigating to the image you want to use. Replace the text in the upper text box with descriptive words and fill the semi-transparent box with more details on the advertiser.

Bold, Square Display Ad

The final newspaper display ad design templates for Word is the Bold, Square Display Ad, which is again simple yet appealing. The body of the ad has a thick, black border and two black bars across the middle and bottom of the shape break up the information and draw the eye as well. Replace the sample text with the advertisers by selecting each text box and typing over the included text.

Choosing the Best Design

Selecting the right flyer template for your community meeting depends upon several factors, such as the size of your publication and the type of advertisement you are incorporating. Of course, you must have the correct program installed to use them, and you can customize them in any way you choose. Perhaps your best bet is to download all of the templates that correspond to the MS Office application you are working with so that you have several options on hand.

Resources and References


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