Tips for Creating Law School Graduation Announcements

Tips for Creating Law School Graduation Announcements
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Picking the best paper for your publication can be a little tricky if you are not used to making invitations, announcements or cards at home. The most important thing to remember is that you are going to want paper that is a bit heavier than standard printer paper, as this generally tends to hold ink better, stands up well to shipping through the mail, and simply looks nicer. That does not mean, however, that you need to break the bank. When visiting a local office supply, craft, or stationary store, check to see what is on sale. Plain white or off-white paper tends to be less expensive and offers an air of sophistication. Not to mention, it really helps to make the colors of your fonts and embellishments pop.

Colors & Color Balance

When designing any announcement, thinking about your color and color balance is very important. You want your design to look good but not overdone. How do you do this, you ask? It is easy. Colleges have school colors, so utilize them. If your school has more than one color that is not white or cream, pick your favorite or the one with the best readability. Some fantastic classic combinations are cream paper with blue text, white paper with forest green text, and off-white paper with crimson text. Using borders in your design can help add more color and give your design a tied-together look. Just remember to limit borders to a solid, thin line to help keep the professional feel of the announcement intact.


Script Font on Graduation Announcement

Graduating from law school is an impressive feat and something that most view as prestigious. Keeping that in mind, you will likely want to go with an elegant font to help you bring that feeling to your announcement. When it comes to fonts, I feel that you have two choices.

Choosing a script font – such as the example to the right – can help bring in elegance but may feel slightly less professional and a little more romantic than you want.

A nice serif font is an extremely professional choice that prioritizes readability at the cost of elegance. These have a nice feel to them, though, and should be considered. Here is a list of some fantastic fonts that are usable for professionals, including both serif and sans serif fonts.

The choice ultimately boils down to personal taste. Just remember to prioritize readability. You do not want those receiving the law school graduation announcements to have to guess who your graduate is or from what they graduated.

School Logos - To Include or Not to Include?

School Pride at Graduation

You might not have thought about it, but the option to include your school logo on your law school graduation announcements is a big one. Deciding whether or not to include the school logo boils down to a couple of key factors. Here are two important things to think about.

One of the biggest factors is school pride. Does your grad want the world to know that he graduated from Harvard? Perhaps she feels that it might come off as haughty or unnecessary to be so boastful. When all else fails, ask your graduate (or yourself, if you happen to be designing your own announcements) how he or she feels about including the school logo on the announcement.

Another factor is whether you can even find a quality logo to use. Some college websites actually provide nice, high-resolution logos that you can use for personal or promotional use. Check your school website to see if they offer a press kit or information to prospective students on their website. This is generally where you will find a high-quality school logo if they offer one.


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