Producing Pamphlets in Microsoft Publisher 2007

Producing Pamphlets in Microsoft Publisher 2007
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If you’ve got Microsoft Publisher at your disposal , you are already halfway to the creation of the pamphlet you want to make. In this article, I’ll walk through the steps that will take you the rest of the way.

A really useful pamphlet to produce is the tri-fold pamphlet. In Microsoft Publisher 2007, you select Brochures and you are given a large variety of starting designs for a three-panel brochure . There are some really great designs to choose from. I am going to select the design ‘Refined’ for the purpose of this article. [see refineddesign.jpg]

As with other publications, you then select–on this same screen–your starting color scheme, font scheme, and business information. These schemes can be modified on the design screen. [see designscreen.jpg]

The design screen then presents you with your starting template. The starting template is already set up with boxed sample text in the correctly aligned place on your tri-fold brochure. It includes place markers for name and address and other business details for your company as well as other suggested text. It will include your business details if they are already stored by Microsoft Publisher 2007. You can then overtype this text with your own text, move that text, add your own images in place of the predesigned images or anywhere you want. The interface is the same as with other Microsoft Office products. You can move the text boxes or pictures, add line borders in different colors or width, or fill with color.

You will notice at the bottom of this screen there are two small icons showing the number of pages in this design. On this one there are two pages, one for the front and one for the back. You click on either one of these icons to choose to edit or view the front or back side of your brochure. Both the front and back side of the brochure has pre-formatted suggested text.

The printing is then simple . Once you have viewed both front and back side of your pamphlet and you are happy with the design , load up your brochures and print. To print double sided will depend on your printer setup. If you don’t have double-sided printing capability, you will need to select the two pages from the icon individually and specify to print the current page only. Then put your paper back in the feed tray in the correct position for printing on reverse side.

Microsoft Publisher 2007 makes it easy to design, produce, and print professional-looking pamphlets. These pamphlets are great for a home business or for a school event.

If you’re tackling a brochure or pamphlet for the first time , be sure to check out the tips in our “Brochures 101” article at .

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