High School Reunion Flyers: A Nice Selection of Customizable Templates

High School Reunion Flyers: A Nice Selection of Customizable Templates
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The Advantages to Using a Flyer for Reunion Announcements or Invitations

With the following templates for high school reunions flyers, you can make as many customized printables as you need to announce and invite classmates to the event that will mark however many years it has been since you graduated together. People will remember the party, not the invitations. Furthermore, sending a simple flyer rather than an extravagant invitation might just set the stage for a down to earth, congenial gathering rather than the unwanted, pretentious posturing that can sometimes prevail at a reunion. Besides, with some of these free flyer templates, you’ve got the ability to design a visually appealing and inviting document .

Meticulous Detail on This Printable

Our first selection is from a reunion flyer that a certain Blaine High School used for their reunion that they’ve graciously uploaded onto the Web for anyone else to download or use as a sample. As you see, this printable flyer is loaded with spots for the when, where and how much does it cost details along with additional helpful info such as which hotels to stay at that have deals regarding the reunion event.

Furthermore, the flyer has a perforated section so the guest can send back the money for attending along with their spouse’s name and other pertinent details. Download and customize this printable reunion flyer from Blaine High School or copy and paste the sections you like onto a new document in a program like Microsoft Word. Then you can tweak color schemes, fonts, and what you want to include in the text.

Simple but Stylish Reunion Flyer Design

HS Reunion B

HS Reunion A

This is a two-page flyer (print on front and back) that provides a lot of room for text up front to kind of rope people in with a nostalgic sales pitch. The customizable design is a sort of simple but classic style that has all the pertinent information displayed logically along with the perforated section to send back replies and entrance fees. You’ll find it by simply clicking on the image credit below.

Image credits/youdzone.com

Silver Anniversary

KAUA HS Reunion Flyer

Here’s a printable HS reunion flyer catered specifically for the 25th Anniversary of graduation although, as with all of these, you can customize it easily to suit any number of years since you all left to engage yourselves with the great wide open. It’s a straightforward, no frills design but it’s different than the others in that all the organizers’ names and addresses are prominently displayed if that is something that appeals to your committee.

Planning Stages: Plain As Can Be

Blackhawk HS Reunion

Whereas the previous three customizable printable flyer templates were designed specifically for informing and inviting, this reunion flyer sample is specifically for the planning stages before all the details are hammered out. You’ll want to use this to gauge your classmates about what they want for a reunion and how many will attend.

Hoover Web Design Options

Class Reunion Flyers from Hoover Web Design

There are several rather plain, yet certainly workable, options also available here at Hoover Web Design. As you can see, they aren’t nearly as elaborate as the previous examples yet they have the space for all the information that would get people to the party on time. Perhaps these would work best for you party organizers that were never to keen on being over achievers.


So there you have more than enough choices and varieties to build your own flyers for a high school reunion that are simple to work with. If you’re not satisfied with this collection, perhaps you should take a look at this helpful guide on how to make a flyer using Microsoft Word to learn how to do so.


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