Free Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Invitations for You To Print

Free Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Invitations for You To Print
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How to Use Our Unique Birthday Invitations

All of the designs found here have been created using Serif CraftArtist, and are available for free download for personal use. All images are downloadable in JPEG format so you can use them in just about any software package you can think of. You can even import them into a program like Word and use them as a free invitation template – completing the who, when, and where details of your birthday party invitations with ease. All download links to the invitations are included at the end of the article.

If you’d like to try creating your own Wizardy invitations there is a free version of Serif CraftArtist available for immediate download - the link is included in the references section.

Tin Man Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Invitation

The tin man image on this stand-out Wizard of Oz party invitation, is actually taken from the original book of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - this image is now in the public domain due to its age so you can use it with a clear conscience.

A striped effect background was simple to include, and the heart was again created using the simple drawing tools in CraftArtist. I applied a red color fill to match the tin man background (using the color picker for an exact match), and then added some material depth to make the effect a little more 3D. The heart has been left purposely blank so you can either complete some party details, a headline, or simply the name of the party girl or boy.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


This is a pretty Wizard of Oz birthday invitation, but one that could suit any age group. Who would ignore an invitation that included a rainbow?–this invite is bound to stick in your guests’ minds.

It has been designed as a half fold card, with this image appearing on the front, but as it’s a JPEG file you can pretty much size it up and down to your needs. You can either use it as a half fold card with party details on the inside, or print it out postcard style, with the details appearing on the back. The border has been left simple, but you could easily use one of our recommended free borders for printable stationery, to make it more unique.

Click on the image to get a larger view and see the detail of the yellow brick road.

Wicked Witch and Toto


This black and white design is very striking as well as being humorous - even witches like to party! The black and white sketch of the witch is detailed, with a speech bubble that reads, “You’re Invited to My Party….And Your Little Dog Too.” The right hand side of the card has been left blank so you can either handwrite the details of the party or use a fun font to complete the details before printing. A cute picture of Toto appears at the bottom right.

The black frame was created simply by drawing a rectangular shape around the whole invitation, and selecting a thick line width - a simple frame is the best way to go with black and white, and/or humorous designs as it lends to the cartoon-feel.

Ruby Red Slippers


There are many iconic images of the Wizard of Oz, but for many (especially shoe lovers), those sparkly ruby slippers are one of the stand-out props of the film. The slippers in this invitation for a Wizard of Oz birthday party, were created in CraftArtist using a variety of shapes from the drawing tools available (the bow for example is a couple of pentagons with a squashed circle over the top). The overall effect of ‘sparkle’ was given using one of the materials effects available in the full version of CraftArtist. Extra sparkle detail was added by drawing on small silver stars.

This look is unashamedly girly, the text reading “Put On Your Ruby Slippers…..It Is Time to Party Up a Storm”. A swirly tornado appears behind the text at the bottom.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road


Simple designs can often be the best, and this one is certainly quite a striking birthday invitation that would suit any age of party boy or girl. There is little


detail given on the front of the card, so you can print it out as it is and complete the details on the reverse, or print it out as a half fold card and make use of our invitation insert - all you need do is fill in the details of the party.

The grassy background was easy enough to include using CraftArtist, and the yellow brick road is just a wave shape filled in with a yellow stone effect. The simple OZ motif and the hint of the emerald city at the top of the card, leads your guests in no doubt as to the Wizard of Oz theme of this birthday invitation. The insert includes a pair of ruby slippers.

Tin Man Oz Birthday Party Invite

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Birthday Invitation

Wicked Witch Birthday Party Invitation

Put On Your Ruby Red Slippers Invitation

Yellow Brick Road Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Invitation; Insert: Yellow Brick Road Birthday Invitation for a Wizard of Oz Party - Insert