5 Tips for Successful Feng Shui Business Card Design

5 Tips for Successful Feng Shui Business Card Design
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Designing Business Cards

Although it follows many rules, Feng Shui design is very simple, so creating your own business cards from scratch using these tips shouldn’t be too taxing. However there are many business card templates out there that you can use, just leaving you to address the issue of making them “Feng Shui.” Let’s find out how we do that.

Keep a Good Flow in your Design

One of the most important elements of Feng Shui is flow, meaning that nothing should be blocked. In designing a Feng Shui business

card this would mean staying clear of stripes that continue across the full width or length of the card, or any text that takes up a large amount of space in the same way. You also should steer clear of full borders around the card as it stops the flow of Chi; although a side panel or something similar is perfectly acceptable. Sharp points in design elements should be avoided for the same reason.

Utilize the Space


In relation to the flow of design, is the use of the space. While Feng Shui practices allow for correctly adjusted space and flow, no area should be empty or hollow - this doesn’t mean that the use of white space isn’t permitted, rather that it should be incorporated. The idea here is that any positive energy shouldn’t be allowed to escape, but that there is no hiding place for “bad Chi” in empty space. So any design elements of tubes or empty vases, or anything considered hollow and empty should be omitted from a Feng Shui business card. The latest craze of cutouts in business cards, would also be a big no-no in business card Feng Shui.

Positive Design Elements

There are many elements you can incorporate into your Feng Shui business card design that will bring you luck, wealth, or keep evil at


bay. Some small images or elements you could incorporate include: fountains, fish, wealth toads, foo dogs, crystals, or wind chimes. Dragons are a very lucky symbol, and if you present it on the right hand side of the card, you are likely to bring in more business.

Zazzle (see references), have some great options for including dragons into their business card templates, including this skinny business card design.

Feng Shui Colors


Red is a favorite and lucky color in Feng Shui. You can also utilize blue and black in your Feng Shui business card design as they signify wealth. Try using wood, fire, earth, metal and water as background colors and textures. You can even get metal business cards now, to truly incorporate Feng Shui’s love of the elements - metal also signifies money.

You could choose your background depending on your business element. This is hard to determine in some professions, but as an example a paper business, or furniture maker would have wood as their element, whereas real estate and construction would have earth as their element.

Respect the Order

The company’s name should always be first, and be made large and bold in order to show strength. Your name should always come after the business name on a Feng Shui business card. Respecting order is a key element of Feng Shui design.

By following these five tips to simple Feng Shui design when creating your business cards you’ll have not only a great looking card you’d be happy to hand out, but one that can help to bring you luck and wealth too.