The Many Unusual Ways to Use Business Cards

The Many Unusual Ways to Use Business Cards
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The Japanese art of paper folding, origami, is an incredibly unique way of turning your business card into a delightful piece of art that can be given as a gift, left alongside a tip, or in a place where children or people might take interest in the card and take it for themselves.

Research designs some and pick one or a few designs that are simple to master and quick to create. Some designs have a significant meaning and it might pay to tie that meaning into your design selection. It might also be preferable to find a design that allows your phone number and business information to be seen without too much trouble.

Some designs require more than one business card to complete but are well worth it since they are incredibly unique and allow for more information to be seen.


A raffle jar.

Some businesses, most often restaurants, will leave a jar out for people to place their business cards in for the chance to win a prize. Often times the jars are very clear and in place where the general public is able to see top cards clearly. This will allow potential contacts to find you during a lunch break or if someone requires your business’s services they are able to see it and jot down the information.

You could also draw in some business by offering a raffle at your own place of business where someone with your business card could enter by including their name and a phone number can be reached at on one of your business cards and dropping it off in your place of business. While it may prevent you from re-using the cards, it brings customers in the door and encourages them to hold onto the cards for several weeks or months.

Functional Cards and Discounts

Coupons are a great way to make your business card last.

A great way to make your card’s lifespan last is to include some sort of functionality to it. Calenders, maps directing where your place of business is located and points of interest around it, or a notes section on the blank side of the card.

Another method is to offer savings for bringing a business card back to your place of work is a great way to draw customers to your business as well as recycle business cards in order to save money on printing.

Include Tips and Advice

A nice thing you can add to your business cards are helpful tips and advice that is relevant to your business. Restaurants can have a recipe for a simple dish printed on the back, law offices can offer some helpful advice relevant to their practice’s specialty, or things of that nature.

For specialized lines of work, defining words or clearing up common misconceptions about your line of work can be helpful in getting potential customers to understand what your business can and can’t do. This will allow them to be more comfortable or at least more knowledgeable about what your business does. Also it could be considered fun trivia that can be passed along between friends which can also help in the long run.

Utilize Superstition

Four leaf clovers symbolize luck and good fortune.

Whether or not you buy into it, superstition is a powerful thing in the hands of some people. Include symbolism that is relevant to your business or maybe holds some personal value to you. Four leaf clovers can be pretty popular and can be inconspicuously hidden or made miniature.

Your card could become a personal trinket to someone that provides them luck and good fortune which will keep your business card actively used and on display by this person.

Include Something Fun or Games

Sudoku is a fun challenging game that will keep your card in use for awhile.

The method of including fun information is more for casual businesses to keep their cards interesting and important. Depending on how often you update your business cards you can include yearly or monthly horoscopes, lottery numbers, or quotes, sayings, proverbs that may not exactly be relevant to your business but are still fun to read.

If you want you can also include fun games like sudoku, word scramble, crossword, etc.


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