Homemade Wine Labels: Designs and Ideas With Free Templates in the Media Gallery

Homemade Wine Labels: Designs and Ideas With Free Templates in the Media Gallery
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Customize Any Bottle

A recent trend for those hosting special events such as fundraisers, weddings, retirement parties, or birthday bashes is the creation and distribution of commemorative bottles of wine. You don’t need to break the bank to have a classy-looking bottle of wine to hand out (or sell) at your event. Even a case of “Two-Buck Chuck” can be dressed up using a desktop publishing program, creativity, and adhesive paper.

When it comes to creating homemade wine labels, you can get as fancy and elegant or plain as simple as you would like. Just remember one rule: There are no rules! Here, you’ll find some great ideas for homemade wine labels and even some templates for labels will be provided to you.

Grapes Wine Label Template

What would wine be without grapes? This grapes wine label template displays your acknowledgement–albeit in a graphical manner–of the fact that grapes are an integral part of the wine itself.

To create this wine label template, I used the rectangle and ellipse select tools and the gradient tools. For the background, the effect was created using white as a secondary color. for the golden square, the effect was created using a goldish color as the primary color and the red color as the secondary color. The “grapes” were created using ellipse select and yellow and green with the gradient tool.

Finally, I added the vines and leaves using the line tool and the polygon shape creator with the fill tool. While the template in the media gallery does not have words or a date, you can certainly download the file and customize it to your liking.

Wedding Wine Label Template

This wedding wine label template is both sweet and elegant

This wedding wine label template can be used to commemorate your beautiful day. This homemade wine label features a bride and groom embracing. The template has plenty of space for inserting the names and the wedding date.

To create the drop shadow effect in the lettering for the sample, I used two layers for the lettering. On one layer, I used one color, then on the other layer, I used the other color. Next, I moved the top layer so it was slightly off kilter to give it that layered look. The image in this template was added on its own layer using the “color burn” layer effect to make it appear as though the couple is embossed on the page.

Gala Homemade Wine Label Template

Use this homemade wine label for a gala fundraiser in your next event

A gala can be a great way to raise funds for a charity organization. I’ve created this gala fundraiser wine label template for your convenience. This template features a modern, edgy design that is still elegant.

I used the magic wand tool to cut out the image from its original location, and then pasted it into the file. I also used the magic wand to select different parts of the glasses and the “clink” then used the paint can tool to create the mottled wine effect (the original image was in grayscale.) If you want to have a lot of fun, you can use the magic wand and the gradient tool to create a neat effect in your lettering.

Birthday Classic Wine Label Template

Wish a happy birthday to the classic person in your life

Finally, if you want to honor someone’s birthday—say a 21st, 30th or even 60th—commemorative homemade wine labels can be just the touch you need. The birthday classic wine label template celebrates the birthday of that special person in your life.

You can add a photograph and the birthdate and name of the individual to further customize the template. To create the tie-dye effect in the background, I divided the image into 9 boxes using the line tool. Next, I used the magic wand tool to select a box, then I used the gradient tool with two “groovy” colors to fill each box. Once all the boxes had color, I then used the Gaussian blur to make it look more tie-dyed.

Once you’ve customized your templates, you can then print them out on adhesive paper or on wine bottle label paper and then affix them to the bottles of wine as desired!



Wedding Wine Label bride and groom courtesy of sxc.hu/gallery/cookie3076

Toasting wine glasses based on image from sxc.hu/gallery/hisks