Create Professional Business Cards with Microsoft Publisher 2007

Create Professional Business Cards with Microsoft Publisher 2007
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Microsoft Publisher 2007 makes it easy to both design and print professional looking business cards. The interface is very intuitive, especially if you are familiar with the interface of other Microsoft Office programs.

The first thing you need to decide is a color scheme and overall design. Microsoft Publisher 2007 has 52 different starting designs to choose from. Once you have chosen and customized your design, this same design can be used for all your different publications (letterhead, envelopes, brochures, etc.) that you create with Microsoft Publisher 2007. You can then further modify your design and add extra elements.

[see Cardesign.jpg]

Microsoft Publisher 2007 takes you through each step.

1. Select the publication type – Business cards

2. Choose from 52 designs, plus others that you can download from Microsoft Office Online.

3. Choose the color scheme.

4. Choose the font scheme.

5. Add your business information, or create new information to be used.

6. Choose page orientation – Portrait/Landscape.

7. Choose whether to include logo.

8. Choose business card paper – either by size and orientation of card or by Manufacturer/Manufacturer’s code -17 different manufacturers to choose from.

I use Avery business cards with a code of 5377. These cards are 2 x 3.5” and there are 10 per sheet. You can use matt paper as well as glossy paper. I love the glossy paper as this can give a professional look especially if you are including pictures in your design.

When you have selected all your options, you will then be taken to the design screen where you see your initial design. The screen shows just one business card with a ruler along the sides showing the dimensions. If you have already entered your business information – Address, phone number and such – then this will be on the card ready for any edits. The editing interface is just like the interface in other Office products. You can change font, font color, font size, assign line colors to text boxes, add pictures or clip art and so on, just like you would in other Office products. On this screen you still have access to the options in the first screen – to change overall color scheme, page size and such.

[see designscreen.jpg]

I love the fact that you just have to concentrate on the design and not worry about the page layout. Having selected your stationery, you don’t have to worry about fitting the design onto the stationery – this is done for you.

Once your design is finished, it’s really easy to simply print. Just load your paper and select print and the business cards will be printed according to the page size you selected.

[see printscreen.jpg]

Microsoft Publisher 2007 makes it easy to control what you want where you want. I think it is the best desktop publisher for small business or home use. With Microsoft Publisher 2007 you create professional looking business cards that are sure to impress.