5 Valentine's Day Digi Stamps for DTP Projects

5 Valentine's Day Digi Stamps for DTP Projects
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With Valentine’s Day nearing, you may want to begin your collection of digi stamps. In this guide, we’ll showcase some of the best ones available online. A few of the stamps are single stamps and the other two are digi stamp sets. The digi stamps range from $3 to $5. You can browse each one and use the links in the resource box at the bottom to load the stamps.

Love Birds Digi Stamp

The first Valentine’s Day digi stamp is the Love Birds. This is a vine heart wreath with ribbons wrapped around the vine. In the bottom of the wreath are two love birds with hearts above them. Below the two love birds is a bow tied from the ribbon. This is a very cute digi stamp for Valentine’s Day projects.

Valentine’s Day Greetings Digi Stamp


The next Valentine’s Day digi stamps on this list are not graphics, but greetings. If you are looking for special stylized text, try these. There are different greetings and you will get the full set when you purchase them. The entire set of greetings will cost you $3.50.

Kitty Holding a Heart Digi Stamp


The next digi stamp in this collection is of a kitty holding a heart. The kitty is standing with its front paws on top of the heart. In the heart are the words “Be Mine.” This Valentine’s Day Digi Stamp will cost you $3 and you can purchase it from the link in the resources box.

Heart of Flowers Digi Stamp


This Valentine’s Day digi stamp consists of a heart made of flowers. Around the flower heart is a ribbon loosely wrapped. Many things can be created with this digi stamp heart. If you are looking for simple Valentine’s Day image, try this one. This digi stamp will cost you $3.50.

Hearts and Greetings Digi Stamp


If you are looking for both Valentine’s Day greetings and graphics, try this digi stamp set. In this digi stamp set, you will find heart graphics, lip graphics, and greetings for Valentines. Some of these graphics and greetings are in black and white and others are in pink. You can purchase this entire set of Valentine’s Day digi stamps for $5. This is the most expensive one in this list, but you get quite a bit of stamps in this set.

Resource Box for Valentine’s Day Digi Stamps

In this box are the links to each of the Valentine’s Day digi stamps found above. The name of each digi stamp set will match the names above. Simply click the name of the stamp you want to view or purchase and you will be redirected to that particular stamp.

Love Birds Digi Stamp - $3

Valentine’s Day Greetings Digi Stamp - $3.50

Kitty Holding a Heart Digi Stamp - $3

Heart of Flowers - $3.50

Hearts and Greetings - $5