Photography Tips and Tricks

  • 7 Tips for Shooting During Magic Hour

    Ask any photographer and they will tell you that one of the most important elements in photography is light. Magic hour is the first or the last hour of the day and gives opportunities for some of the most beautiful and eye-catching photos. Get some tips...
    By Laura O'Donnell November 24, 2015 

  • How to Create a Digital Photograph Wall Mural

    Large format digital photo wall murals are trendy, but paying to have a mural created and mounted can be expensive (especially multi-part murals on oversized paper), so why not make one yourself? This tutorial will walk you through creating...
    By Ryan Tetzlaff February 18, 2015 

  • Ideas and Tips for Taking Funny Thanksgiving Photos

    Thanksgiving means turkey, family, friends, and maybe football. For many families, it means pictures too! Here are some ideas for going beyond the standard traditional family pictures and poses and get some funny Thanksgiving photos.
    By Brian Nelson November 10, 2014 

  • Kindergarten Pictures – Tips & Ideas on How to Capture the First Day of School

    It happens only once in a lifetime: the first day of school or kindergarten. Take the time to capture all those great images that you will treasure forever. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare for and photograph that special day.
    By Larry M. Lynch August 16, 2014 

  • Tips on Photographing Fireworks

    Learning how to photograph firework displays presents specific challenges for any photographer. Learn some of the tips and tricks, equipment, and camera settings you need to know to increase your chances of accurately capturing the excitement of a firework...
    By Scerakor June 27, 2014 

  • The Beauty in Autumn Photography

    Enjoy this image gallery of autumn photography, fall leaves and the beauty of the season while learning some tips on improving your own photography. Nature provides the canvas, the camera paints the picture to capture the moment forever.
    By Vicki Perry October 1, 2013 

  • 5 Advanced Tips For Taking Great Photographs Of Kids & Family

    Whether you're a professional or amateur everyone could use some tips to brush up on their photography skills, especially when taking pictures of kids.
    By Steven McConnell April 8, 2013 

  • How To Choose The Best Micro-Four-Thirds (MFT) Camera: An Enthusiast's Guide.

    Want to get serious about your photography and looking for a new camera? This guide gives you tips on choosing an MFT camera that will produce high-quality images.
    By Steven McConnell January 15, 2013 

  • Star Trails - Tips on Photographing Stars

    One of the simplest forms of astrophotography is capturing star trails. From helpful tips and tricks to required equipment and recommended camera settings, this tutorial teaches you how to shoot the most enthralling of star trail photographs.
    By A. Jitesh August 10, 2012 

  • Photographing Sunrises and Sunsets: Image Inspiration & Tips

    There is nothing more beautiful than the brilliant oranges, pinks, and yellow hues in sunrises and sunsets. In this image gallery, sunrises and sunsets come to life through the artwork of Scott Thadd Grant. Scott gives us beautiful imagery along with...
    By Vicki Perry June 25, 2012 
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