Digital Photography Software Tutorials

Photography doesn’t end with the camera, nearly anyone who owns a digital camera will also own some sort of software. There is a vast array of software out there designed with the photographer in mind, from photo editing software to file compression programs. As with anything unfamiliar, there is always a learning curve. Here you will find well written, easy to understand tutorials to help get you on your way.

The Biggest Photoshop Fails

Making a mistake in Photoshop is easy, but the truly epic mistakes require concentrated effort. From cutting off and adding extra limbs to offending entire demographics and creating aliens the improper use of photoshop can not only be a major problem, but quite entertaining.

Photoshop: Fixing White Eye Brightness & Bloodshot Eyes

Sometimes the camera isn’t so kind to our eyes. Sometimes they might not seem as bright as we want them to, or we get shadows cast across them. Or sometimes our eyes just look tired and a little bloodshot. Well, thanks to Photoshop, you can give yourself bright and clear eyes in just a few steps!

Tutorial: Photoshop Chest Hair on Friends and Family

Want to have a little fun with pictures of your family and friends? Got a picture of your bare-chested friend who could use a little punch of testosterone in the form of chest hair? By following these simple steps, you can easily use Photoshop to change that smooth-chested pal into a manly man!

Applying a Sepia Filter to Digital Images in Photoshop

If you’re like a lot of people and love that rustic, classic feel that sepia-toned images have, you might be excited to know that this is a very easy effect to achieve in Photoshop. Here I’ll show you two different ways to achieve this popular effect for both beginners and advanced users alike!

The Art of Smooth Skin Photoshop Techniques

Movie stars always seem to look perfect in magazines but much of that perfection was created after the fact in photo editing. If you own software such as Photoshop, you too can have perfect skin, if only in your own photo collection. Here is a look at how to accomplish this airbrushing task.

10 Fun Ways to Edit Wedding Photos

You want your wedding photos to stand out from the pack. You can do simple edits to your images that will make them look every different from your friend’s wedding photographs. You also don’t need to pay a photographer a small fortune to do this.

Learn About Using the Cloud to Edit Photos

Cloud programs are amazing ways of get more functionality from your computer without having to download anything. You can use cloud programs to improve your images or even add effects to them. There are several good cloud photo editing programs available to you.