Digital Photography Software & Website Reviews

Software is forever being updated and created. With so much on the market for the photographer, how do you know which software best suits your digital photography needs? Quite often, trial versions of software are not fully functional, so how can you really tell if you like its features? Here you will find unbiased reviews of digital photography software that will help you make the decision before buying the latest product.

A Look at 3D Photo Editing Software

New advances in digital cameras allow users to take higher resolution photos than ever before. Fortunately, photo editing software has kept up with these advances. If you want to create 3D photos that will impress your friends and family, take a look at the top three software choices.

Sites for Free Photoshop Digital Backgrounds: Review

When setting up a website or just putting together a scrapbook, digital backgrounds add the flair to set off pictures and text in our work. The top three websites for downloading free digital backgrounds from water to concrete are reviewed to help get you started with your next project.

Online Photo Editing With 500Images

Being able to edit your photos online opens up a lot of possibilities of sharing photos and even changing them anywhere, but while this idea is good 500Images is a site which is simply a bit too limited to be truly useful and there are better choices for the average person in the average situation.

Review of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

Xara’s Photo & Graphic Designer includes a set of features that can be described as all-encompassing. It covers photo, animation and vector graphics editing, not to mention a great set of desktop publishing tools.