DIY Photography

  • 5 Mothers Day Photo Gifts: Affordable & Unique

    Mothers Day is just around the corner. Don’t struggle at the last minute to find the perfect Mothers Day gift, resort to sending an impersonal e-card or spend an arm and a leg on flowers that will wilt in no time. Give your mom something she’ll...
    By Rhonda Callow April 23, 2014 

  • How to Put a Photo on Canvas

    An easy step-by-step guide to getting any picture you want on canvas without any special printing supplies. Total cost for this project is less than $20, while professional printing services can charge over $100!
    By Chrissy Dean January 14, 2014 

  • 15 Creative Photo Gift Ideas

    Ever thought of making your own photo gifts, like a mug, scrapbook, magnet and more? We've rounded up 15 incredibly creative ways to turn digital photos into treasured memories. You can even learn how to wrap your gifts in DIY photo projects like...
    By Lori Soard October 28, 2011 

  • The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Photography Equipment

    Photography can be an expensive hobby, and even more expensive when you go pro. But there is a lot of equipment that is essentially very simple and can be made at home with a little instruction and the right materials.
    By Nicole Silvester September 16, 2011 

  • DIY Portable Photography Equipment and Lighting

    We all need photography equipment when we are on the go. You can't, however, pack up your entire studio and take it with you. And, cost is often prohibitive for buying portable equipment. You can make your own portable equipment for any occasion.
    By Misty Faucheux July 12, 2011 

  • How to Make Your Own DIY Ring Flash

    Ring flashes are one of the most expensive pieces of equipment for a photographer to buy, yet they don't have to be. Here's a guide on how to make your own quick and easy DIY ring flash from materials from around the house.
    By allychevalier July 8, 2011 

  • The Ultimate Light Box Improves the Quality of Light from Your Flash, But Places a Heavy Weight on It Too

    Photographers are often concerned with improving the quality of light from their shoe mount flashes as evidenced by the wide variety of light modifiers available for small flash units. The Ultimate Light Box is a versatile and effective entry into this...
    By digitaldan1 June 27, 2011 

  • How To Make Photo Gift Tags

    An easy to follow guide on how to make photo gift tags. These tags are perfect for any gift and are especially suitable for festive occasions.
    By Lynda Mc Donald June 27, 2011 

  • Create a DIY Photo Ornament: 2 Projects

    The holidays are just around the corner. As opposed to running around like crazy trying to find the perfect gift, why not just make one for your friends and family! Learn how to create a keepsake photo ornament today!
    By Misty Faucheux June 27, 2011 

  • Saxon PC Flash Grids: Low-Cost Light Control for Shoe Mount Flash Units

    Grids are a popular tool for narrowing the beam of light produced by a flash unit. Long a staple of photo studios, a variety of grids designed for shoe mount flash units have popped up in recent years. Saxon PC, offers an inexpensive line of flash grids...
    By digitaldan1 June 26, 2011 
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