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Cost (5 out of 5)

A number of similar websites charge monthly and annual fees, some which can reach $600 or more per year. ImageQuix is a cost-effective option because it offers many services without charging a number of fees. Users get their first upload of their digital proofs for free, then pay an average of $15 to upload as many as 3,000 images. ImageQuix works on a cost-effective system, and the credits purchased toward digital file uploads never expire. The absence of additional fees is a major advantage of ImageQuix that sets it apart from some of its competitors in the field.

Ease of Use (5 out of 5)

Using ImageQuix is rather easy, and phone and online support is also provided to members. While most websites of this nature offer similar support, it is nice to see that the absence of membership fees does not seem to reduce customer service efforts. A bonus for ImageQuix users is that free consultation sessions via telephone can be scheduled, which can also help a digital photographer be better able to decide how to use the service to meet his or her business needs. Overall, the wealth of information online, the easy use of buying credits and uploading photos, and the telephone support availability make ImageQuix truly five stars when it comes to accessibility.

Editing (5 out of 5)

There are several excellent options on ImageQuix that are not commonly available on related sites when it comes to photo editing for either proofs or ordering purposes. Images can be displayed and/or ordered in black and white and sepia, which can be very artistic and classic options when available to users. Captions, comments, and basic functions such as cropping are also available. Those desiring software support for photo viewing and editing have access to phone support and printed instructions. ImageQuix also offers a helpful video on learning to use the software in the event a digital photographer feels overwhelmed by the system. Overall, the editing functions are very diverse and easy to use, but would not replace a program such as Photoshop or other powerful photo editors for extensive retouching needs.

Prices and Payments (5 out of 5)

Another great and somewhat rare feature offered with ImageQuix use is the diversity and freedom digital photographers have concerning prices and payments. Users set their own prices and can either use a photo printing lab of their choice or let ImageQuix handle it with one of their partner labs. In addition, photographers can choose to either handle their own payments using common systems such as PayPal and Google Checkout, or let ImageQuix staff take that off their hands and send them regular royalty checks. This is a great feature that is not readily found in these types of sites, and allows photo entrepreneurs to have as much or as little to do with their pricing and payments as they desire.

Other Features (5 out of 5)

ImageQuix tries to make itself a one-stop shop for digital photographers, and does advertise several other features that can help professionals. Once again, these additional features set ImageQuix apart from some of its competing websites. For example, there are several web hosting packages available. There are also options for photographers to either create (with full support and assistance from ImageQuix professionals) their own template Flash or HTML website. The samples displayed on ImageQuix are quite appealing and look like a professional web design. Prices are quite reasonable for the caliber of the web templates, starting at about $300 as of May 2009.

Other offerings at ImageQuix that digital photographers may find useful are website add-ons such as music and slideshows. There are also options where customers can order DVDs and CDs of their images.

ImageQuix is highly recommended.