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With a URL most scrapbook websites would kill for, how can this site not be great? is apparently the fasted growing scrapbooking site out there and it is clear why. Not only does this site offer many features that other scrapbooking sites do (such as cheap products, gift certificates and forums) it also packs in a bunch of extras. For example, instead of just simply telling users how to use their products, Scrapbook actually supplies video tutorials. These are done via a huge collection of videos the website holds which runs far into the hundreds. They are presented in a non-patronizing way and appeal to beginners and pros alike that are looking for some new scrapbooking techniques to try out. This comes in handy when a write-up will just not cut it, or for people who simply don’t have the time to read masses of text.

Also, another unique aspect to Scrapbook is their product reviews. Instead of simply buying a product in the hopes that it will fill your expectations, you can now know what other sracpboookers think of it. These are reliable and tend to be impartial (unlike many websites with their ‘this product is the best and cheapest around’ campaigns). They also have a 5 star rating system and a 60 day money back guarantee. Their galleries are extensive with many opportunities to show of your work. Every piece that is submitted will be put on show for all to see in their relative categories (which also contain many sub categories to make searching easier and more precise). A featured section is offered that is full of the best work that has been uploaded that day. This is updated daily and gives a pretty good indication as to how busy this site actually is!


In all, there are a wide range of digital scrapbooking sites available and the one you pick depends on what you want from your site. For pre-made software and an easy all round experience, then is probably the site for you. If, however, you prefer to be a little more individual and enjoy getting your hands dirty (in an ‘online’ scene), then sites such as will be more suitable for you. For new scrapbookers, or experts looking for some tips, then informative sites like and are good choices. And for those sociable people among us, will be an effective choice for meeting like-minded people and swapping ideas. So, the choice is yours!

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