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Unlike many scrapbooking sites that offer ‘great deals’ on a verity of products, Scrapbook-Elements actually present affordable designs to get you on your way. Their products are also quality assured, with the site being updated weekly on Sundays and Mondays. This also assures potential buyers that the site is maintained, and if a problem were to arise then it would be dealt with urgently. If you are interested in purchasing from this site, I would recommend that you first check out the Gallery of already made scrapbooks. It shows a verity of Scrapbook-Elements products, and allows them to back up their promise of “Funky, vintage and everything in between”. What more could you possibly want?

As for prices, as stated above, they appear reasonable. They offer a wide range of products such as backgrounds, brushes, WordArt, frames and even gift certificates that you can purchase for someone who may be interested in taking up scrapbooking. Very rarely will a buyer come across anything that costs more than $5, which is a fair price for keeping those special memories alive in a personalized way. Also, you don’t have to wait weeks for delivery either, with all purchases being downloadable (unless stated otherwise).

However, one thing that makes Scrapbook-Elements even more special is their CD Burning Service. This involves you paying for a personalized CD with your choice of products. This is perfect if you have a slow Internet connection that will not be able to cope with the download. This option is also useful if you wish to store your scrapbooking designs externally. Many people who work and store their art on shared computers choose to do this as they are not willing to run the risk of their artwork being modified or deleted. On a downside, non-Americans will have to pay a little extra for shipping. (4 out of 5)

If you have been searching for scrapbooking sites before, then the chances are you will have come across this site. It is popular with both amateurs and experts and contains one of the most helpful and friendly communities out there. Sign-up is encouraged (which may deter a few users) but the benefits outweigh the time it takes to complete registration. DigiShopTalk state “We want every scrapper to be able to stay informed and most importantly, to be inspired” with inspiring users being at the heart of the site. This means that people interested in creating scrapbooks will be encouraged to do so, and people who have lost their ‘touch’ with scrapbooking will, likewise, be encouraged to take it up once again.

Once DigiShopTalk has inspired their users to create scrapbooks, the sites products do not, unfortunately, deliver. They often link users to other websites to purchase their ‘hot products’, which sometimes gives the feeling of the site being a ‘go between’. What it does offer is a Gold Member Kit. This is a kit that is given to Gold members every month for 12 months. Members have to pay $25 through PayPal to gain advantage of these designs. Users are assured that these are completely unique (and made by people working for the site) and, most importantly, cannot be bought anywhere else. Previews are also offered before purchasing so scrapbookers can decide for themselves if they are worth purchasing.

For those looking for scrapbooking related chat the forums are the place to go. They have one of the (if not ‘the’) biggest member pools as far as scrapbooking forums go. A chat room is also supplied on the site for those hoping for a more direct approach to communicating. Also, for those hardcore enough to wear them, they offer their own range of clothes that come in a verity of colors and sizes. However, for those who do not quite love DigiShopTalk as much as that, then they also offers travel mugs!

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