The Challenges of Autumn and Winter Photography - Photography Ideas for Autumn and Winter Pictures

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As autumn and winter days arrive, the outdoor digital photographer will be challenged with gray tones, pale colors and dull light – elements that don’t always play to the photographer’s advantage. However, these seasons need not be a time to put away the digital camera; after all, the leaves are changing colors creating fantastic hues and a light all of their own. The secret is to know how to take full advantage of the contrast between gray tones and color and use it to one’s benefit.

Muted and overcast light, common with autumn and winter, is perfect for capturing magical images. Mist, clouds and smoke can provide the perfect contrast to the deep reds, oranges and yellows of turning leaves. A keen eye, some imagination and a good digital camera can all work to capture the energy of the season.

Contrasting colors coupled with overcast light create very interesting and mystical photographs. Stone walls, chimneys, castles, old churches, cemeteries and twisted trails among limestone rocks can all be intriguing elements in your autumn and winter pictures. Twisted trees growing along steep hills, large boulders with moss and mud or flowing water can add appeal and ambiance.

Capturing the silvers and grays of winter is an art in itself; one that the keen photographer looks to capture with anticipation. Each season should be intriguing to the digital photographer with an eye for detail and environmental consciousness. Mist and fog on a cold day create an atmosphere of mystery and appeal. For the ready digital photographer, such scenes can be captured as color, shape, texture and composition are carefully considered with each click.

Every season is beautiful; autumn and winter included. Silhouettes of trees, buildings and other interesting objects against the autumn or winter sky can be breathtaking. Depending on what message you’d like your photographs to project, it can be abstract and soft or bold and dominate. The creative eye and a good digital camera can turn any silhouette photo into a romantic piece of art or one of solitude and serenity. The power is in the hand of the photographer.