What You Need To Know About Photrade.com - Photrade is a New Website That is Sure to Please Photographers Everywhere!

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What Is Photrade.com?

Photrade.com is a new website still in its beta stages which allows their users to get paid not only when their photos are sold, but also with each view their photos get as well. Photrade mixes together the best of stock photography, photo sharing, and selling your photos into one easy-to-use website.

You can control your prices, the people who can purchase your photos, and what products are offered with your photos imprinted on them. Almost anything can be imprinted with your photos such as t-shirts, coasters, buttons, photo prints, and many other options.

How Much Does It Cost?

Because Photrade is still in beta, all users in the beta testing have been offered a free pro account. The pro account will cost $25 when Photrade.com goes public. In order to be offered the beta testing you must get an e-mail invite from a current Photrade.com user. If you don’t know anyone already listed on Photrade, you can check forums on Flickr and other photo-sharing sites where many people are more than willing to give out one of their invites to new users.

There will also be a basic account offered. The differences between a basic account and going pro will be the number of uploads you can have. Other changes between the pro account and basic account will be announced when Photrade goes public, but as of now there are no other differences.

As with most other sites where your own work is made public, there becomes cause for concern about copyright infringement. Photrade.com has you covered in two ways. Firstly, they offer a way for you to customize a watermark for your photos and place them wherever you’d like on the photo. Some people feel that putting a watermark in the middle of an image takes away from the beauty, so for those people there are options to place the watermark in a corner or along the top or bottom of the photograph. Secondly, there is an option to make your photos private. You can make the photos only viewable to yourself, or to specified Photrade users. There are also other privacy issues in the works.

Making Money with Photrade.com

The first and easiest way to make money with Photrade is advertising revenue. This requires very little work on your part. Any ad revenue that Photrade makes from their banners, or any views that your photos get from Photrade by using a blog through the adcosystem™ will generate revenue for you and for other users on Photrade.com.

Another way to generate an income on Photrade is by selling your photos. You can choose your own prices from scratch, by a certain percentage of mark-up, or let Photrade.com choose for you and keep the default prices. It should be noted that if you choose not to have any mark-up that your photos will still sell, however you will not make any money when they sell.

Buying Photos and My Afterthoughts

Photrade.com also offers the option to purchase photos. You can buy your own photos at the minimum price offered, or you can purchase from other users on Photrade. All photos are shipped by US First Class mail. Shipping costs will vary depending on the number and size of prints that you’ve ordered. You will get a tracking number when your order is processed (usually 1-2 business days) so that you will know when you can expect the package to arrive.

As Photrade.com progresses from beta, there will be many other options offered. You’ll be able to join and create photography groups, enter contests, as well as many other things that will be sure to make Photrade.com the place to be, not only to sell your photos and make money, but to gather with like minds, share stories, and help each other to be the best photographers you can be.

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