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Time Sequence Photo Essays-What Are They?

Photo essays come in many different styles. A time sequence photo essay tells a story chronicling through an event. These types of essays are best used when the time passing is obvious. A good example of this would be the life of a bird. You photograph the mother and father bird, then the egg in the nest, the baby hatching, the baby bird growing up, and finally the bird as an adult. It is easy to see that there is time passing. The bird is getting older and the background may show leaves changing color. Time sequence essays do not need to be short. These essays can span a period of a week or a period of many years.

Now You Try!

You may have created a time sequence photo essay and not even know it! Do you have a baby book? All of the photos of your child show him or her getting older, showing different events such as a first tooth or first haircut. This is an example of a longer time sequence. The essay started when your child was born, and will continue on as long as you keep documenting his or her life.

To get started doing a time sequence essay, you need a camera, an idea, and some patience. You can start with something simple such as documenting your day. Start by taking a photo of your bed. This is a good starting point because before you do anything, you must first wake up! Next, you could take a picture of your bathroom or shower. This is assuming you take a shower after you wake up. Continue this throughout your day taking photos of your office, your car, where you ate lunch, and so forth. Anything that you do during the day, take a photo. Later on you can sort these photos out and keep only those that you feel best document what you accomplished today.

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