Learn How to Photoshop Real Estate Photos and Tips on Why You Should Do This

Learn How to Photoshop Real Estate Photos and Tips on Why You Should Do This
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Reasons to Touch Up Real Estate Photos

As a real estate agent, you want to show off the house that you are selling in the best possible light. But, sometimes there are some landscaping or interior blemishes that you may want to eliminate from the images that you place in fliers or on your website. For example, if there is a junky car parked in the driveway, you may want to remove it so that the attention and focus of the photo isn’t pulled away from the main subject. You may also want to do this if there are some minor blemishes on the walls or floors.

Adobe Photoshop helps you do with this via the Clone Stamp tool. So, learn how to Photoshop real estate photos to take away unwanted items from the inside or exterior of the house.

While you want to improve the look of the house in the photos, you should never mislead the public. Minor corrections are fine, but never brush out major issues. For example, if there is fire or water damage, you must leave that in the photo. If not, you will be misleading the viewer. If that is the case, simply avoid photographing that particular room.

Unlocking a Layer

After you take the pictures of the house that you are selling, it’s time to open them up in Photoshop. Select the best pictures that only need minor corrections. Once open, unlock your layers. The Layers palette is located in the lower left-hand corner.

To unlock a layer, double click on the picture’s thumbnail in the Layers’ palette. Click OK.

Using the Clone Stamp Tool

Now, it’s time to select the Clone Stamp tool. You may have to click on the expand button if it’s not selected. Simply click on the little arrow at the bottom, and then open up the Clone Stamp tool by pressing S.

The Clone Stamp tool will remove an object, and then use the dominant, nearby color to replace it. If you have a white house with that junky car blocking it, you can remove the car, and the Blemish Tool will replace this area with the white of the

Clone Stamp


Once the tool is open, select a soft round brush size, generally it should be a little bit bigger than the blemish that you want to remove. Now, hold down your left button on your mouse and go over the blemish. The blemish will now disappear.

Add Some Contrast

Once you finish removing the blemish, make sure that the photo is not too dark. If it is, then use the brightening tool. If you want to make the picture a little sharper, then use the sharpening effect.

Just remember that less is more with these types of pictures. Let the house speak for itself.