The Best Holiday Photos - 5 Tips on Capturing Holiday Cheer With Your Digital Camera

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For many, the holidays are a powerful incentive for taking lots of pictures to share with their friends and family off and online. Many add digital photos to their websites, blogs and online photo albums. From Facebook to My Space, you can bet that the holidays increase the spirit of photo sharing and exchanging.

As you consider the holidays, there are some tips for capturing holiday cheer with your digital camera. Following are 5 tips that you can incorporate into your holiday photo taking this year.

1. Color

For any digital photographer, color is very important. Because digital photography is mostly shared online, colorful photos make the difference between successful, memorable or dull. As you consider adding holiday cheer, be sure to consider the color scheme in the background. Be sure your subjects and what they’re wearing stands out and is bright. Consider the strong holiday colors of green and red and how to use them to your advantage with your unique photo shooting style.

2. Shadows and light

To add cheer to your holiday photos, be sure to capture the warmth and glow of family with candlelight photos. Consider taking soft, romantic moments between couples or festive, colorful and bright photos of kids opening presents on Christmas morning. What about a “Silent Night” photo while family are gathered together singing carols? Consider the soft shadows and ambient light that can be generated with shutter speeds and ISO.

3. Object Placement

There’s nothing wrong with creating the perfect setting using props, a festive background, holiday objects and various lighting to create the perfect holiday cheer. From mistletoes to a Christmas tree, to the bows on a present, you can place objects where you want and need them to create the scene and feel you want to shoot. Be creative. Think original, but traditional.

4. Location

Besides the home atmosphere, consider going out to a beautiful location where holiday photos can be taken. If you live in a place that gets snow during the holidays, take the family out and spread some holiday cheer in boots, sweaters and scarves on a sleigh ride, or the slopes, or on a carriage.

5. Mood

Mood is not only created with light, shadows and location, but also with expression and poses. As you plan your photos, consider the mood that comes out on the faces of those in the photo. Ask them to pose in a certain manner to create the sort of mood and atmosphere you’re after. Whether that’s cheerful and bright or grateful to be together again, the mood can be created through poses and expressions.