Basic Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

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Professional raster imaging is a difficult process, and not just in terms of working with photo editing software. Oftentimes digital photographers will have to be working with hundreds of photo files that they have to manage in professional situations. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a program that is going to let you manage and manipulate your files in a fairly advanced format. Just as with the rest of the digital photography software that comes from the Adobe CS5 there are a whole series of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process and make it easier to work with. Here is a tutorial with some of the most important Adobe Photoshop Lightroom keyboard shortcuts that you are going to need to know.

Panel Keyboard Shortcuts

When working with Windows Lightroom keyboard shortcuts you are going to need to deal with the basic panels themselves, which requires opening and closing them regularly. Here are some of the most useful Windows Photoshop Lightroom keyboard shortcuts for working with the panels.

  • Show or Hide Side Panels-Tab
  • Show or Hide Every Panel - Shift and Tab
  • Show or Hide Toolbar - T
  • Show or Hide Module Picker - F5
  • Show or Hide Filmstrip - F6
  • Show or Hide Left Panels - F7
  • Show or Hide Right Panels -
  • Open or Close All Panels - Control Click

Managing Photo Keyboard Shortcuts

Since Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is really going to be about managing photos and different catalogs, then your Windows Photoshop Lightroom keyboard shortcuts are going to be largely around this as well.

  • Open Catalog - Control and O
  • Open Preferences - Control and “,”
  • Open Catalog Settings - Control, Alt and “,”
  • Show in Explorer or Finder - Control and R
  • Hide or Show Tether Capture Bar - Control and T
  • Edit in Photoshop - Control and E
  • Open in Other Editor - Control, Alt and E
  • Rename Photo - F2
  • Remove Chosen Photo From Catalog - Alt and Backspace
  • Export Chosen Photo - Control, Shift and E
  • Export With Previous Settings - Control, Alt, Shift and E
  • Print Chosen Photo - Control and P
  • Open Plug-in Manager - Control, Alt, Shift and “,”

Keyboard Shortcuts for Comparing Photos

Comparing photos is also going to be a primary function of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, and there are a huge number of Windows Photoshop Lightroom keyboard shortcuts to deal with this function.

  • Switch to Loupe View - E
  • Switch to Compare - C
  • Switch to Survey - N
  • Toggle Zoom - Z
  • Cycle Gride Views - J
  • Open Library View Options - Control and J
  • Select All - Control and A
  • Deselect All - Control and D
  • Select All Active Photos - Control, Shift and D
  • Deselect Active Photos - “/”
  • Toggle Stack - S
  • Select Flagged Photos - Control, Alt and A
  • Group Into Stack - Control and G
  • Move to Top of Stack - Shift and S
  • Move Up in Stack - Shift and “[”