Finding a Secure Photo Sharing Website: Tips on What to Consider

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The type of photo sharing website will vary based on what you are looking for. For example, if you are happy to just throw up your images so that anyone can view them, you are probably not too worried about security. But, if you would prefer that only a handful of people see your images, you want a site that allows you to hide your images from the general public and only share them with family and friends. Here are some tips on finding a secure photo sharing website.

First of all, consider your needs. If you want to use the website as your virtual storage backup, then you want one that allows you to have unlimited space. As opposed to purchasing an external hard drive or burning your images to a DVD or CD, you are simply going to back them up to your online storage space.

Unfortunately, most sites do not do this for free. But, the fees aren’t actually that bad. For example, Flickr only charges about $25 per year, and this allows you to upload an unlimited number of photographs. It also allows you to browse through pictures without viewing ads.

Keeping Your Photos Private

Next, look for a site that allows you to put security restrictions on your pictures. Some free photo sharing sites allow you to provide “guest passes” to others so that they may view your pictures. This means that someone can only access your pictures if they have the appropriate link.

Others allow you to invite certain people to view your pictures. You fill in the email addresses for these people, and they receive an invitation to view your photo stream. The other person, however, will usually have to create an account this way. So, if you have friends or family members that do not like signing up for anything, you may want to avoid this option.

CC License

Another thing to consider is sites that use the Creative Commons License. If you are OK with sharing your pictures, but only want them used for certain purposes, this is a handy tool. You set the restrictions for your pictures, but you still allow others to use them on their site.

For example, some CC licenses only require that the photographer’s name be placed on the photo so that they get credit. The CC license is great for upcoming photographers who want exposure for their photographs, but who don’t want to have to give the farm away for the privilege.

Try Them Out First

You also need to find a site that is easy for you to upload and arrange pictures. Anything too complicated will be a waste of your time, especially with so many options out there. So, you should sign up for free trial versions first. You will have a limited amount of space and probably some limited usability. But, it will help you figure out if the site is for you.