Keyboard Shortcuts for Those New to Apple Image Capture

Keyboard Shortcuts for Those New to Apple Image Capture
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Image Capture is an interesting alternative to iPhoto from Apple in that it does not extend any of what has become a standard organizational function. Instead, what Image Capture is intended to do is to simply automatically recognize external photo devices, like digital cameras and scanners, and to allow you to just import photo files from them without using drivers or any problematic organizational techniques. This way you can eliminate the software middle man, in a sense, and just bring the photos into a new folder on your computer where you can later determine what software you intend to use with them. Though there are few functions in Image Capture, the ones that are there are often common to Apple programs in general and include keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process. Here is an Image Capture tutorial with a few of the most useful Image Capture keyboard shortcuts to help you get on your way quickly.

Edit Keyboard Shortcuts

Edit functions are somewhat universal between different Apple software like iPhoto, Final Cut Pro, and Image Capture. Many of these come directly out of the word processing world, which is somewhat standard in Image Capture as it utilizes most of the keyboard shortcuts that are found standard in Apple programs.

  • Copy - Command and C
  • Cut - Command and X
  • Paste - Command and V
  • Undo - Command and Z
  • Redo - Command, Shift, and Z
  • Select All - Command and A
  • Bring Up Special Characters Options - Command, Option, and T

Image Capture Interface Keyboard Shortcuts

Many of the Image Capture keyboard shortcuts are really only there to manage the general interface of the program. Since much of what you will be using Image Capture for is to download images, there is going to be a lot of reason to want to avoid some of the displays, and many of these Image Capture keyboard shortcuts deal with this need.

  • Minimize a Window - Command and M
  • Close - Command and W
  • Hide Image Capture Software - Command and H
  • Hide Others - Command, Option, and H
  • Quit Image Capture Software - Command and Q
  • Image Capture Preferences - Command and “,”
  • Search With Google - Command, Shift, and L
  • Spotlight - Command, Shift, and F
  • Get Result of Apple Script in Script Editor - Command and “*”

Image Capture Functionality

There are still a number of different options in Image Capture that are directly photo related and deal with the general functions that are provided by this digital photo software. Here are some of the Image Capture keyboard shortcuts to help you actually perform the fundamental tasks involved in Image Capture. There are actually very few of these Image Capture keyboard shortcuts because there are very few practical commands and functions that Image Capture performs as its main function is just to do automatic file transfer.

  • Browse Available Devices - Command and B
  • Print - Command and P
  • Page Setup - Command, Shift, and P