Top Social Networking Photo Sharing Websites

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What is a Social Networking Site?

Social networking is about communicating using Web-based services. These Web services offer a place online where individuals can construct private or public profiles. They can share information, links and photos with anyone they wish to see their profile. These sites also offer the user the ability to create lists of people whom they share a connection, are member of the same clubs, classmates or any other type social connection. These lists allow other users to connect with them and they, in turn, can be on another users list. People using open profiles can meet new people and connect with others who share their same interests.

The interests and types of users that participate in the site can define each social networking Website. There are business specific sites, linguistic group sites, such as French only sites, soccer sites and a variety of other special interest sites. Most social networks have some software that enables the user to upload images to their profile and share a variety of images and graphics with other users. This is a list of a cross section of social networking photo sharing websites. This list is not a recommendation or a rating, but a diverse list of available photo sharing sites that are free to join.


Most people have heard of Facebook. Facebook has millions of users from a cross section of society all over the world. Many people use Facebook to keep in touch with family by uploading pictures of the kids and family. Images can be uploaded anytime. The maximum file size for an image is 15 MB and they accept jpeg, gif, bmp and png files.

The user can link their Facebook account to a variety other social media sites that belong to such as RSS feeds, blogs and Webpages. They have other features such as calendars, notes, links, places and groups that help link the user to others with similar interests or keep track of dates and events. Facebook offers personal and business accounts. They also have plenty of advertising on the Website.


Flickr is another well-known social networking photo sharing Website. It is designed around communication with pictures in a photo stream. The idea is to tell stories using a series of images with notes about the people in the images, the location or anything else that pertains to the photo stream. The user creates galleries with any information they want to add to each picture. It can be set up so anyone can comment on the pictures. Anything can be added to a picture so other people can view and comment. Tags can be added to the pictures to help others search and locate images. Flickr also allows the user to connect easily to other social networking sites and send updates and images to these other sites.

Picturetrail is similar to Flickr’s concept and size. They have a large user list and share stories and communications by using photos. They have a variety of services such as photo sharing slideshows, picture view stats that let you see how many people are looking at your pictures, photos can be sent as digital postcards and they offer Website hosting. They offer free basic accounts, but also offer premium accounts for a fee.

Photoblog is a photo sharing networking site that is set up in blog style. It has a variety of themes and is easy to set up, but has lots of advertising. The user can look through other photoblog logs for the most popular, most recent or just browse through the different photoblogs. A wide selection of users creates a vast variety in different photo stories. It is fun to just look around.

Fotki is another photo networking site that is easy to use and offers photo galleries, geo-tagging images, video upload and a build in geo-mapping feature that connects your images to the Google Earth map. Fotki is a large community that encourages browsing and commenting on photos. The gallery layout is simple, but the overall site is busy and has lots of advertising. It is a fun site to look around with lots of good photography to check out.

Other Photo Networking Sites

Here are some other online social networking photo sharing sites are worth browsing.