What You Need to Bring to The Zoo to Take The Best Pictures - Zoo Photography Tips and Tricks

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Zoos and safaris

Aside from the presence of wild animals, there is another photography-related thing common between the zoo trip and the safari expedition. The equipment and gadgets that the photographer must bring to a safari are similar to the ones that must be brought to the zoo. The overriding purpose, after all, is the same – to take good pictures of subjects that are not always cooperative in an environment that is not completely controlled or accommodating. With this in mind, the zoo photographer may extend his safari fantasy upon entering the zoo entrance.

The equipment and gadgets to bring

It does not take rocket science to take good pictures of zoo animals, but it does take knowledge of the basic techniques of photography and the right equipment and gadgets. To complete the preparations for the zoo photography trip, here are the equipment and gadgets that the photographer must bring to get the best photos.

  • Zoom lens – The camera lens should have higher zoom capability because photographers cannot get physically near the zoo animals. The chances of getting good close up pictures are low when the camera cannot zoom enough.

  • Flash with tilt head – The light conditions at the zoo can be anything but ideal. Thus, there is a need to have a camera flash. But the flash can also destroy pictures by producing glare against glass. To avoid the glare, the flash should be tilted at an angle.

  • Extra batteries – One fully charged battery might be enough for one whole day at the zoo if the photographer remembers to switch off the camera when not taking pictures of animals. But who can remember this when one is concerned more about the subjects?

  • Extra memory cards – How many images can the camera’s memory card hold? In one whole day of taking pictures, especially when the zoo animals are cooperative, will need a memory card that can store more than a thousand pictures.

  • Camera bag – The zoo photographer needs his or her hands free to swing the camera to the right angle to get that great picture. All the other stuff, such as the extra batteries, memory cards, and candies, should be placed in a camera bag with convenient shoulder straps. The photographer should also remember to pack light.

With only the above equipment to bring, the zoo photographer will not get tired as easily when he/she tours the whole zoo because there isn’t too much equipment weighing down on him/her.

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