The 7 Best Flickr Add-ons for Greasemonkey

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I’ve written many times how great Flickr is among the best online photo sharing websites. It is fun, fast, and easy to use. The community of users is phenomenal and very helpful when it comes to improving your photography with feedback, getting advice on camera gear, and just sharing your work. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does! With the browser plug-in Greasemonkey, you can enhance Flickr and make it even easier to use! You can use any or all of these addons in addition to the Top 25 Free Flickr Tools previously covered.

What You Will Need

As mentioned, you will need to install Greasemonkey for Firefox or other browser (Internet Explorer) or a browser which supports Greasemonkey Scripts like Google Chrome. To install any of the scripts below, just follow the link and click the green install button to add it to your browser.

The Flickr Add-ons

The following are my 7 favorite Flickr add-ons which make Flickr easy to use by adding quick shortcuts and helpful little additions.

FlickrPM - This handy script pops up a little compose message window when you click “Send Flickrmail” to another user. This is great because you can send a private message without leaving the page you are on. It’s helpful when you are discussing a photo and you can remain on the photo page. It also places a convenient assortment of buttons next to a user’s name for easy access to send them a message, view their profile, favorites, Flickr DNA, or Scout pages.

Flickr Refer Comment - You may have seen this one on Flickr since it’s quite common. This script adds a link back to your previous page when leaving a comment. This lets the photo’s owner know how you reached their photo whether it was from a particular set, a group they are in, a keyword search you made, or linked from elsewhere on the internet.

Flickr BBCode Generator - Under the “All Sizes” link on top of your photos is a copy-and-paste HTML URL code for the picture linking it to that photo’s page. With this add-on, it also adds a copy-and-paste BB code for use on online forums which use BB instead of HTML to write posts. It works the same as Flickr’s native code linking the photo size of your choosing to the photo’s page.

Flickr Cross-Recommendations - This script is a great way to discover new photos which you may like. Like Pandora for music, this addon displays 6 other photos favorited by people viewing the current photo you are on. If you like the photo you’re viewing, chances are someone else do and they may have similar taste in photos. This is a good way to explore potential similar and other good pictures!

Darckr Add Comment Above - This script is a lifesaver when it comes to leaving replies. Sometimes photos receive hundreds of comments resulting in several pages of comments. Instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom of a long list of comments, this add-on places a second “add comment” text box above the top comment. This saves tons of time with scrolling through comments already left.

Flickr Embed HTML on Photo Page - As the name implies, this script places the Flickr HTML code found under the “All Sizes” button right on the photo’s page. This saves you from having to click on all sizes and copy that link. You can grab the HTML code without leaving the photo’s page!