How do I Make a Good Black and White in Photoshop Elements? Photo Editing Software Tutorial

How do I Make a Good Black and White in Photoshop Elements? Photo Editing Software Tutorial
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Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorial: Black & White Photography

Black & white photography is a very visually appealing form of photography where instead of a beautiful play of colours, an appealing image is borne out of an attractive combination of lighting, good composition and perspective.

Many photographs which may look flat and unappealing when in colour may look extremely appealing in black and white due to the high dynamic range of lighting present in the photograph.

Many cameras have an option for the photographer to capture images in black and white. However, it may not strike you while taking the photograph and at a later point, perhaps during post-processing or while reviewing the photos on the computer, you may feel that a particular photograph would look better in black & white.

This software tutorial describes how to create a black & white photograph in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Black and White Photos in Photoshop Elements

There are multiple methods to convert your digital photos to black and white photos in Photoshop Elements. A few of them are discussed below.

Method 1:

The quickest method to convert a photo to black and white is to use the “Remove Color” option.

  • The menu navigation for this is Enhance –> Adjust Colour –> Remove Color
  • Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut, namely Shift + Ctrl + U.

Method 2:

Another method, very similar to the above method is to completely desaturate the image. This can be done as follows:

Navigate to Enhance –> Adjust Color –> Adjust Hue / Saturation and move the Saturation Slider to the extreme left. (This has a value of -100)

This method can be used to add hues to the image as follows:

  • Select the colorize checkbox.
  • Instead of desaturating the image completely, one can reduce the amount of saturation to an amount between 10-30.
  • Select a hue as desired by moving the slider or by changing the numeric value in the textbox.

Method 3:

A more powerful method is to use the Black and White Photo option available under the Enhance Menu.

  • The menu navigation for this is Enhance –> Convert to Black and White.
  • The keyboard shortcut is Alt + Ctrl + B

On clicking this, the Convert to Black and White window opens as shown in the screenshot here.

This windows displays a preview of the image in black and white, as well as various styles on the left and sliders to adjust the intensities of Red, Green and Blue on the right. Additionally there is a slider to adjust the contrast in the photograph.

There are a variety of styles available such as Infrared Photo, Newspaper, Portraits, Scenic Landscape, Vivid Landscapes, etc.

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