Equipment List for Outdoor Photography - What You Need to Take Pictures Outside

Equipment List for Outdoor Photography - What You Need to Take Pictures Outside
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A list of equipment for outdoor photography should be pretty varied since “outdoor” photography includes a wide range of photographic areas and interests. This list is broken down into different types of equipment and offers some insight into each piece of gear’s uses.

List of Equipment for Outdoor Photography


DSLR camera and backup or point-and-shoot and backup (should always have a backup in case of equipment failure)


  • extreme wide angle zoom or lens (landscapes, unusual perspective images) 12-24mm
  • wide angle lens or zoom (landscapes) 20-35mm
  • telephoto lens or zoom (tight compositions, wildlife) 70-200/300mm and/or 400mm
  • teleconverters (extend the reach of long lens for wildlife) 1.5x, 2x
  • macro lens, diopters or extension tubes (insects, plants other macrophotography)

Weather gear

  • camera rain coat (bad weather)
  • rain gear for photographer (bad weather)
  • ground tarp (laying on the ground for bug’s eye view, emergency shelter)
  • rope (for using tarp as a tent or lean to)
  • chemical heat packs
  • cold weather clothing


  • ball head or some other type of tripod head depending on your preference
  • cable release tripod (long exposures, moving water)
  • plamp (keeping plants steady)

Gear for carrying equipment

  • backpack (carrying gear)
  • chest pouch (easy access to main camera and lens so you don’t have to remove backpack every time you want to take a shot)
  • belt pouch system (can carry additional lenses and a water bottle for easy access)


  • polarizing filter (clean up reflections, add contrast)
  • GNDs and NDs (light control)
  • intensifier (intensifies specific colors)


  • flash unit(s)
  • better beamer or other flash extender (increases the range of the flash unit)
  • collapsible 5 in 1 reflector (light control, plus can be used as a background for small plants and objects)

Misc. gear

  • GPS system, Eyefi wifi or geotagging system
  • extra batteries (camera, flash, gps)
  • field guide as appropriate
  • Trekking poles or hiking staff

Emergency gear

  • energy bars
  • water
  • water purification tablets or purification system
  • satellite phone
  • signal mirror