Unique Photo Cards: Tips on How to Make Holiday Photo Cards

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Unique Holiday Photo Cards

The economy seems to be rebounding, but is still a mess in most areas. Money’s tight all around and now you want to send holiday photo cards to all your distant family members, friends and cronies thither and yon. With budgets tighter than a Scrooge’s shoelaces, what’s a resourceful digital photographer to do? One way you can surely cope with the current state of economics is by reducing the number of family and friends you have and send fewer holiday cards, or better yet, keep all your friends and send them your own personalized holiday photo cards instead. Here’s how to make the best holiday photo cards that even your in-laws will love.

There are two distinct methods you can use to quickly, cheaply and easily produce your own personalized holiday photo cards. Overall, here they are:

Make Your Own Unique Holiday Photo Cards

If you have any distinctive holiday photo card worthy photos of yourself, your family, the children even the family pet, you’re set to make unique holiday photo cards almost everyone will love. Adding that personal touch goes a long way in really connecting with distant family, friends and co-workers during the holiday seasons. Don’t forget to send your boss one too. It’ll certainly highlight your originality and creativity. The extra effort you put forth to make unique holiday photo cards will bring you and your family dividends for years to come. Your selected digital photo need not necessarily be one with a holiday or winter theme either. In fact any relevant photo you like can be successfully inaugurated for use on your holiday photo cards. Funny photo holiday cards are quite popular too.

Initially, the process can be as simple as pasting your selected photo, group of photos or collage of digital photos onto a blank sheet in MS Word or another word processing program. You can also add a special message on the opposite side of the sheet (remember, your card will be folded). Use fonts from your word processing program to add italics, bold, special fonts and even color to your text message. Save the file of the finished holiday photo card and either print it out yourself on heavy paper or card stock. You can also opt to have them printed at a local print shop or digital photo store. You can easily get discounts for quantity printing of your holiday photo cards. Why make just one unique holiday photo card, either? With this simple process, you can quickly and easily create several different unique holiday photo cards from the available digital images you might have as well.

Modern Photo Holiday Cards

But there’s also another, quite different process you might want to consider to make modern photo holiday cards this year’s holiday season, perhaps. You can import your personal digital images into special frames, effects and formats available at no cost on special effects websites such as the following ones listed below. With your holiday photo card creation complete, save the file, then print it out yourself or again truck your bunnies over to a local print shop or digital photo print center that produces color prints from digital photographs, to have your unique holiday photo cards processed. Some places even have a selection of print options to personalize your photo holiday cards. Check these out too. You never know, there just might be something that tickles your fancy in the batch.

Unique Holiday Photo Cards

Here are some good web sites to check out to make your own unique holiday photo cards:






Fun Photo Box

More creative ideas digital photo effects websites can be found at “Best Effects Websites to Put Your Face on Magazines, Money, and Other Special Effects.” Try some of these out for yourself and make this holiday season even more special by making and sending out your own unique holiday photo cards. Don’t forget to send out your holiday photo cards digitally via e-mail, etc., too. Above all express your creativity and have fun while you’re at it.